“Facilitating Your Infinite Evolution…”

Author, speaker, and Intuitive Life Coach, Stephanie Mulac has been a facilitator for 1000s of people worldwide in guiding them to manifest the life of their dreams and lead an extraordinary existence!

As a renowned transformational advisor, Stephanie is best known for rapidly identifying and eliminating the destructive patterns and beliefs holding so many deserving individuals hostage – prohibiting them from unlocking their infinite potential. Her guided, intuitive approach assists enlightened individuals to tap their inner strength and leverage it to bring about accelerated and lasting transformation in all areas of their life.


Founder of the Infinite Evolution Center (IEC), Stephanie embodies the IEC philosophy that “Prosperity Is Multidimensional.” Her proven methods for developing an equitable balance between mind, body and spirit while pursuing financial abundance utilizes her renowned Milestone Mapping technique – a process by which individuals routinely experience proportionately high success rates when other methods of manifesting have previously proven elusive.

For the past 20 years, Stephanie has been recognized worldwide as a leading expert in the personal growth, marketing and technology space. And for 8 years, she had the distinction of founding  and hosting Self Improvement Gifts – an online event responsible for annually assembling over 900 personal growth experts that came together each January for the single largest self-improvement gathering of its kind in the industry.

She is also creator of the acclaimed short movie – Your Life Certificate – and invites you to watch, enjoy and share it here: http://www.YourLifeCertificate.com


A huge proponent of leading by example, Stephanie and her family have embraced their own financially free lifestyle as she’s traveled full-time by motorhome across the U.S. since 2008, with her then “pint sized” daughters Marina and Morgan – both successful online entrepreneurs, home schoolers and mini-manifestors in their own right.

Maintaining focus, balance, gratitude and a perpetual flow of positive energy is the cornerstone of Stephanie’s mindset, and as a tribute to her authenticity, teaching these principles goes far beyond her immediate family – encompassing all with whom she comes in contact.

She routinely and effortlessly manifests her deepest desires, teaches her daughters to do so as well, and her passion is to teach you to do the same!