RUINS_ThreeAs we walk the path to personal growth, it helps to have a “tool” handy that can help us get an energetic read about our current state, probing questions or direct us in times of ambiguity or suffering.

Like tarot cards and the I Ching, the Nordic Runes have become a great way of utilizing the powers of the Universe to grasp hidden meanings of the various situations and circumstances that happen to us day to day.

Some call it “fortune telling” and in an exoteric perspective Runes may relate to the mundane, physical aspects of life. Yet each Rune contains a deep esoteric meaning relating to the Spirit, guiding the Soul to a deeper awareness of oneself.


For example the exoteric meaning of Rune Fehu is money and Rune Ur is health.  The esoteric meaning of the first eight Runes are:

RUNE FEHU – Life Force, Creative and father God principle, Intelligence Archetypal Fire, Sign of Hope, Energy, Becoming, Centeredness, Karma, Human Potential

RUNE URUZ – Beginning, Cosmic essence, Universal material, Afterlife, Dance with Death, Creative Mother principle, First Cause, Courage, Strength, Power, Magic

RUNE THURISAZ– Dynamic energy of the seed, Return, Onset of life, Regeneration, Cleansing Fire, Purging, Fertilization of ideas, vision, Self Discipline, Meditation, Inward Energy

RuNE ANSUZ – Ideas, Harmony, Wisdom, Truth, Divine Breath, Wisdom, Grace, Blessings, Inspiration, Justice, Body and    Mind Balance

RUNE RADHO – Rituals, Outflow, Universal Law, Inner Guidance, Living in the Present, Dance of Life, Evolution, Following the Heart, Life’s Lessons

RUNE KENAZ – Vision, Life, Creativity, Revelation, Passion, Knowledge, Fire of Life and Transformation, Enlightenment

 RUNE GEBO – Compassion, Balance, Relationships, Gifts, Karma, Sacrifice, Generosity, Gifts

RUNE WUNJO– Glory, Ecstasy, Joy, Harmony, Bliss, Spiritual Fruits, A Vision of What is Possible, Pushing us beyond  worldly success.

When working with the Runes there is a possibility to choose a Rune reversed, which instructs about where one is presently stuck or aRUINS_ONE description of that which is inhibiting growth, movement and potential.

These types of “tools”, ancient Oracles, have been around for centuries and thousands of people, to this day, swear by one or more as a way to get answers to questions that have become problematic.

The Runes consist of 27 Runic symbols with the first 24 symbols divided into three groups of eight. Each of these groups represents the original Nordic runes and is named after the Nordic gods Freyr (part of the history of the word “Friday”), Hagal, and Tyr (part of the history of the word “Tuesday”).

The remaining three Runes – which are the newer Zen Runes introduced by modern civilizations – are called the Master Runes and represent pure Zen messages.

One of these three Runes is blank and represents the Zen Master who is a pure mirror for his disciples. The second of these three has a smile as a symbol and represents laughter and understanding.

The third Rune, which has a hand as a symbol, represents one hand clapping, which is  meant to stretch the mind with meditation.

You will find Runes made of many different materials including wood bark, stone, rock, clay, brick, and more. The pieces are usually no bigger than a quarter, each the same size, and have the symbol of that particular rune painted or, in the case of wood, burned onto one side leaving the other side blank.

People sometimes choose to make their own Runes and there are many websites online that provide images of the symbols and directions for cutting the pieces.

Once the pieces are made, they are typically kept in a velvet or soft cloth pouch with a draw-string top. To read a “spread” of Runes is much like reading a “spread” of tarot cards that have been laid out.

A person meditates on a question and then reaches into the pouch, drawing one Rune at a time. There are many books available that explain the meaning of Rune spreads and how the Rune position reveals the meanings of past, present, and future situations.

It is the ancient history of Runes that make the Rune symbols so powerful, in fact, the meanings go deeply into human collective consciousness and move beyond all cultural boundaries.

Esoterically, within quantum physics, the energetic properties of the Runes may lead the Higher Self to instruct the seeking soul needed guidance for the life lesson being experienced.

So, do you have questions about your life to which you’d like some answers? If so, use the runes to connect to ancestral Northern European wisdom of the human race.