spiritThings can become quite confusing in life, especially when we are under difficult circumstances or faced with important life decisions. I’m sure we have all experienced at least one situation in our lives where we had no idea what to do next. We may have had a goal or plan in our minds, yet we had no idea how to set the gears in motion. The problem with this is the simple fact that if we do not set things in motion, we will never accomplish what we desire.

So the question is, what should you do in confusing or strenuous times? One thing you may want to consider doing is establishing a connection with your spirit guide. Spirit guides can be of great value to our lives and they can offer us guidance and strength when it is needed.

Have you ever heard of a spirit guide before? If so, you are already likely well aware of the benefits they can bring into our lives. If not, you are in luck because the following is a brief explanation of what a spirit guide is, how and who they may help as well as the importance of speaking to your spirit guide.

What is a spirit guide?

A spirit guide is a form of energy. This energy may have or may have not lived out an incarnated life. Before you are even born, there are certain spirit guides that are assigned to guide you through life. These spirit guides may be present with you throughout your entire life or they may become present in certain situations for the purpose of guidance and support.

Spirit guides, as mentioned earlier, have the potential to lead us to the most blessed life possible. The reason for this is the fact that spirit guides know the path of our life. This gives them the ability to offer us guidance when we are somewhat lost is a sea of confusion. They know what will happen if we go through door 1 instead of door 2 and vice versa.

Spirit guides can also come in different forms and have different amounts of strength. For example, religious figures could be considered spirit guides but so could another form of energy that is skilled in a certain aspect of life. Basically, your spirit guide may be a super form of energy with an all-around skill set or it may be a form of energy with extensive knowledge in specific fields.

You can basically think of spirit guides as a safety net. You will still need to do the work in life to get ahead and you will still need to make difficult decisions, they are just there to keep you safe while you do it.

How do spirit guides provide us with help?

There are many different ways in which our spirit guides can help us in life. One example would be the bad gut feeling you may get before doing something. More often than not, this feeling is right. This gut feeling is also much more than just a bad sensation. It is your spirit guide trying to tell you that the decision you are about to make might not be in your best interest.

The following are a couple more examples of ways in which spirit guides can help us in life:

• Watch out for signs
Our spirit guides are continuously sending us signs, whether we notice these signs or not is a different story. These signs are created for the purpose of keeping us on the right track in life as well as warning us of important upcoming events. Signs may sometimes be overwhelmingly obvious and they may also be somewhat subtle and hard to notice. If you feel like you may be receiving a sign to do or not do something, make sure you acknowledge these signs and try to interpret their meaning.

• Important people suddenly appearing into your life
Spirit guides may occasionally group up with other people’s spirit guides for the purpose of uniting people in life. This may happen for many different reasons but the one that is most common is when one of the people in one way or another, perhaps without even knowing it, contributes to someone else carrying out the grand plan of their life.

How do you reach out to your spirit guide?

You can establish a relationship with your spirit guide which will allow you to be able to communicate with them and ask for guidance when it is needed. However, the form of communication that you have with your spirit guide will not be the same as you speaking to a person directly in front of you. Most of the communication that comes from spirit guides comes in the form of signs, intuition and gut feelings and not spoken word.

However, this should by no means stop you from speaking to your spirit guide. Even though your spirit guide may not be able to directly speak back to you, they listen and your input matters.

Speaking with your spirit guide will become easier as you strengthen your spiritual bond. This can be accomplished by paying attention to and accepting the messages and feelings that your spirit guide sends you.

Here are some other ways to connect for a better life.