letgo-300x211For many, this concept is difficult to comprehend because “detachment” is often associated with terms like “uncaring”, “cold”, “indifferent” and other negative connotations. In the metaphysical sense, however, the truth is quite the contrary.

To be detached in any given situation doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the end result. It simply means that our overall happiness is no longer dependent upon how it all ends. It means that the rest of our day can’t be ruined by a single event – and how cool is that?

Higher consciousness is rooted in the Now – or present moment – and detachment is one of the tools that we can use to get us there. When chaotic events – or drama – are swirling around us, detachment can bring us peace and calmness when all else fails. Metaphysically, detachment is our way of observing the chaos and not reacting to it.

Detachment keeps us rooted in the Now. Whether the event is happening to us or to someone we care about, detachment keeps us centered and sane in an insane world. There’s no law that says we have to invest an emotion in every single event that occurs that happens to disagree with our belief system.

The truth is that our brains have been trained to react – over years and years and years – to anything to which our belief system disagrees. We react, or show resistance, in the external world according to a belief system completely created by past experience.

Because it is rooted in the past, this belief system has no purpose whatsoever in the present moment – no matter what is happening – and, therefore, either do the reactions! This is all good news! External cause/reaction has a strong metaphysical snowball effect that occurs in mere seconds.

Negative reactions cause negative emotions which emit negative vibrations into a Universe that responds by sending us more of the same.

Whew! Now, consider the numerous opportunities we are given each day to react to negative situations. If we act upon each opportunity with negative emotion, we only confirm our command to the Universe to send us more of it – day after day after day.

How can we stop the cycle? Detach…detach…detach…. Now, the good thing about having all this chaos in our lives is that we have plenty of opportunity to practice detachment and retrain our brain! To practice detachment, start with trivial events and work your way up.

The next time you feel even the slightest irritation (the start of a reaction), use it as a signal that reminds you to be present. Step back from it and imagine yourself transparent to the cause of the irritation. Let it pass through you. Imagine this without feeling a reaction. This is detachment.

This is the magic.

To liberate our consciousness, we simply must be rooted in the Now – and detachment is a divine method for doing just that!

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