What Numerology Can Do For YouPythagoras, the father of mathematics is also the father of esoteric numerology. He believed that there was an order to the universe and that numbers were more than a means of quantifying things. His philosophies included the idea that each number had an esoteric meaning.

Esoteric numerology, then, is the art and science of understanding the spiritual significance and orderly progression of all things. Every word or name vibrates to a number and every number has an inner meaning. The letter and number code, when properly understood and applied, brings us into a direct and close relationship with the underlying intelligence and vibration of the universe.

Numerology is defined in various ways, and it depends on the culture or tradition of the person that defines it. However, there is one thing that you should know about numerology—if you want to examine your life or you simply want to figure out the next event in your life, numerology is one of the best tools you can use.

It also presents a whole picture which reveals all your personality’s diverse parts and on how they can be combined together to form your personality today. With the help of numerology, you will be able to bring out your hidden strengths.

Pythagoras taught that numbers operate on the spiritual plane. With a few exceptions, everything can be factored to a number from 1 through 9 and each of those numbers has an esoteric meaning. It also represents an interval in a cycle. Pythagoras saw in number patterns and geometrical ratios the explanations of all natural phenomena, musical harmony and tonal qualities. He knew that the stars and planets were vibrating entities that produced sound, which he called the harmony of the spheres.

Based from various resources about numerology, the equivalent number of letters may vary and it depends on the tradition they follow. Oftentimes, many people count the letters in the alphabet and they add all the digits together to obtain a number which would represent the letter. Several people also consider that numerology is the forefather of mathematics, which makes it analogous to the study of astronomy, astrology, chemistry or alchemy.

The only times that life numbers are not coded to the lowest single digit is when that number is 11 or 22. Ordinarily, 11 would be factored to a 2. But the number 11 is what’s called a Master Number and is extraordinarily powerful in Numerology. There is, in fact, an entire cult built around the number 11, or more specifically, 1111. This is a number that refers to End Time, and is a fascinating study all by itself.

As an example, your birthdate provides the pattern which we call the Life Lesson. Your name given at birth, when transcribed into numbers with a code that has existed since Pythagoras’ day, can tell you the state of consciousness that you have achieved in this lifetime and indicate the record of the growth of your soul as well.

Your personal numbers are pieces of the puzzle that define your existence. When you delve into numerology, you also delve into the ancient sciences of astrology and tarot.

The best thing about numerology is that anyone can be a numerologist. The only thing you need is a paper, pen, and some calculations. Numerology, when compared to some divination methods, constantly moves and uses the magnetic energy of the earth. Since the soul is just one of the parts of the universe, the numbers are symbols which would help you translate the world around you.

In numerology, your birth date has a corresponding number and each number has its own meaning. The result of the calculation of your birth date is called birth number. Your name has also corresponding number and the number is called your destiny number. The calculation is not that difficult. Even kids can calculate it, as it only involves adding and breaking down numbers.

There are no boundaries in numerology as long as you are talking about numbers and you want to know something about your personality based from your past or experiences. Numerology will give you answers. Just be open about the possible answers for you to avoid any frustrations.

For those who have heard numerology for the first time, you have to bear in mind that it is not a way for you to know your future. No one knows their future. Even numbers can’t predict them. The only thing you need to do is create your destiny and concentrate on what you want to achieve in life. If you will apply the meanings of birth number and expression number on your life, make sure that you will use them wisely. The meanings of those numbers don’t suggest you to believe. The decision is still yours. If you think that it has a huge contribution to your life, then consider them. However, if you think that it would just ruin your plan in life, don’t apply it to your daily life and just use it as your guide because it can serve as your guide in anything that you do.

Overall, numerology is an interesting study which you may take into consideration, especially if you are searching for answers and you want to be more prepared with your future career life. Remember, numerology can serve as your guide. If you have knowledge about it, use it to benefit other people. Don’t overuse or abuse your power and knowledge because they might ruin your life in the future and may be the cause of your failure in the end. So, use numerology with caution and wisely.

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