Author: Stephanie Mulac

Color Psychology: How Colors Affect Your Emotions

We’ve all had the experience of walking into a room and saying, “Ahh,” as if it’s the most restful place to be. And then there are those times when, upon entering an abode, we comment, “Wow!” Maybe it’s the underlying feeling of energy in the room. But what makes us have these strong, spontaneous reactions to our surroundings? Your reactions and psychological responses could be due largely in part to the colors used in the dŽcor and design of the space. Although all psychological experts don’t agree, many believe there is such a thing as color psychology. Historically, different...

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Are You Altruistic? 8 Symptoms of Altruism

Altruism is a personal quality that we can all strive for. When you’re altruistic, you have a moral mandate to perform tasks and activities that provide help and support to others. Being altruistic means you take personal responsibility to do something of value for another human being. You go out of your way to consider the benefits you can create for others. If you’re altruistic, people likely see you as friendly, open, concerned, caring, and supportive. You have a true passion to facilitate the well-being of other people. Are you altruistic? Consider these clues: 1. You think of others...

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Break Through Stubborn Diet Plateaus

Sometimes you stick to your diet and exercise program but the scale stops moving down. If you want to start losing weight again, these are some changes you can make in the way you eat and other lifestyle choices. Check Out Your Diet 1. Spot hidden calories. It’s easy to lose track of how many calories you’re really consuming. Try keeping a journal so you know how often you take second helpings or snack straight out of the refrigerator. 2. Measure your portions. You can enjoy the foods you love as long as you keep the portions under control....

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Finding Your Personal Strength When the Going Gets Tough

Experiencing challenging phases in life can really test your mettle. When you encounter those bumps in the road, how do you react? Are you able to deal effectively with these challenges without going to pieces? Could you use some help in finding your inner strength? Try these ideas to tap in to your personal reserves whenever the going gets tough: 1. Take some time to ponder the present dilemma. What do you see as the real issue? Are you making a mountain out of a mole-hill? How can you focus your efforts on the current event that’s troubling you?...

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Does Walking Meditation Work?

When you think about meditation, you may automatically picture yourself sitting down, but meditating while walking is another useful option. Consider these benefits of walking meditation and suggestions for how to get started. Benefits of Walking Meditation 1. Learn a popular technique. Walking meditation is a common variation that you’re likely to encounter at many retreat centers. By getting acquainted with this method, you’ll be ready to join in. 2. Get off to a good start. Beginners may find it uncomfortable to sit for long periods. Taking a stroll provides a different approach to launching a meditation practice. 3....

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