Author: Stephanie Mulac

Do You Have an Orderly Life? Create Organization and Structure in 10 Steps

Have you considered the benefits of structure in your life? Think of the structure of your life as much like the base of a building. Organization provides a strong foundation so you can function safely and efficiently each day. Of course, you’ll experience times that require you to be flexible, but can you depend on your internal structure and orderliness to help you get through anything? Recognize how orderliness can make your life better: 1. Structure makes your life predictable. You think, “I know how this is going to go so I don’t have to worry about it.” And...

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A Senior’s Guide to Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is vital to feeling your best and remaining active as you age. It’s important to eat a variety of healthy foods, but changes in our bodies and lifestyles can make that difficult. Consider these facts about nutrition for seniors and practical strategies for sticking to a healthy diet. Nutrition Basics for Seniors 1. Know how many calories you need. Due to a slowing metabolism, most people require fewer calories as they age. The exact number varies by age, gender and activity level. For example, a sedentary woman over age 50 needs about 1,600 calories a day while...

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9 Mind Strategies to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Although you must follow through with certain behaviors when you’re seeking to live a healthier life style, many experts believe that healthy behaviors have their roots in your mind. What you think and believe will determine how well you’ll follow through and apply the paradigm of a healthy lifestyle in your daily existence.   Consider these mind strategies to galvanize your efforts for a healthy lifestyle: 1. Recognize your prior life successes. Take some time to reflect on what you’ve been successful at in the past. Then, use those prior life successes to ignite your passion to live healthy....

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