Bach Flower Essences

It is probably not surprising to you to know that flowers have the power to heal, as I’m sure you have received flowers at some point in your life and immediately you smiled big and felt overwhelmed with love.

Flowers not only look beautiful, but their aroma can literally bring healing to a heavy heart.  This is exactly why some men and women have spent their lives researching the healing characteristics of flowers and herbs.

Take Dr. Bach for example. Dr. Bach was a doctor back in the 1930’s who was concerned that the industrialization of the world would have a negative effect on the planet and his spirit. He understood that the high tech world would essentially rape the planet of many beautiful flowers and greenery and this would have a direct effect on people’s souls.  Just think of life without the beauty of nature; it would certainly be detrimental in various ways.

After years of performing traditional medication, Dr. Bach turned to alternative therapies for healing because he believed there was a direct correlation between illness and the mind. He viewed sickness as an external expression of negative emotional states. He was so sure that he could find plant remedies for healing so he left his medical practice and went to Wales to discover herbal remedies.  He was 43 years old when he decided to make this change.

What Dr. Bach would do is suffer a certain emotional state and then find an herbal remedy to cure himself.  He relied on his own intuition and natural ability to heal. He found that when he treated the root causes of physical and mental sickness, his patients would get well.

Dr. Bach’s healing flower essences are used worldwide today to alleviate men and women’s mental and physical distress. He created 38 flower remedies to treat all sorts of ailments and conditions. The remedies promote wholeness and freedom.

Here are some examples of Bach Flower Essences and what you can use them for to aid you in becoming healthy and whole:

Larch: This remedy helps those who lack confidence. It is for those who are afraid of failing, so they don’t even try. This is a perfect remedy for those who have experienced failures and expect failure.

Agrimony:  This is a remedy for those who wear a mask and pretend all is well, but inside they are not alright. They might be quite sad or distressed mentally but don’t want others to know it. This will help you if you experience a lot of negative emotions, are afraid to be alone, self-medicate, and do all you can to run from your painful reality and try hard to prove to others they are great by joking and being funny.

Chicory: This is a remedy for those who are codependent and tend to give lots of love away, but expect a lot in return. They get upset when the love is not reciprocated in the way they think it should.  This can cause them to attempt to control and become angry and resentful. This remedy will help you to give love unconditionally and learn to gain self-worth through loving yourself.

Wild Oat: This is a remedy for those who have a difficult time knowing what path to walk in life. Wild Oat can help you discover what path will be most fulfilling for you.

These are just a few examples of the 38 Bach Flower Essences. Become a student of herbal remedies and try them in your own life.  There are many testimonies as to the wonderful healing properties of Bach’s Flower Remedies and many more to come.  You don’t have to suffer from negative emotions and ailments.  Tap into the healing power of alternative techniques and live a happy, free, and peaceful life.

And may we ever have joy and gratitude in our hearts that the Great Creator of all things, in His Love for us, has placed the herbs in the fields for His healing.Heal Thyself by Dr. Bach