2If I were to ask you to make a list of all of the accomplishments you can be proud of in life and all of the things you feel as if you are talented at, how long would your list be? Some people’s lists may be quite long while others may have trouble listing even a few things. The cold hard truth is the people with longer lists will likely have happier futures.

The importance of a healthy mindset is incomparable to anything else in life. Some people believe that their life is what creates their mindset. I beg to differ! Our life and the circumstances in our lives are created by our mindsets, either directly or indirectly.

Our mindset is what gives us our driving force to try and make something out of ourselves and life and become someone we can be proud of. When we think positively about ourselves, we will stop at nothing to ensure that we get the best things out of life. On the other hand, when we think negatively about ourselves, we will not care about what happens to us or the type of life that we live. I am sure that you have encountered at least a few people in life who have completely given up, this is likely the result of a complacent mindset.

You may be wondering, what is complacency? Complacency is basically a mindset that does not allow someone to accept the good things about themselves or their achievements. People with complacent mindsets find it nearly impossible to give themselves credit, even when it is highly deserved.

In order to get ahead in life you must feel as if you deserve and you must love yourself. Falling into a habit of putting yourself down and being too critical on even the smallest of mistakes will surely not provide you with a happy future.

Where do you want to be ten years from now? Would you like to be living some of your wildest dreams and living a blessed life of would you like to be still beating yourself up and digging your hole deeper? I am sure that you would like a bright future as this is just about everyone’s desire. However, without the right mindset, these dreams will never come true and your future will be questionable.

There are so many different factors that can contribute to a person having a complacent mindset. One example would be a person’s friends. While this may seem unreasonable it is entirely possible and it happens all of the time. For some reason it seems like people have a hard time accepting the fact that someone else may be doing better in life than them, even their supposed “friends”. For this reason they will intentionally mentally sabotage another person. For example, they may make comments about the way a person dresses or their intelligence with the pure intention of trying to hold them back in life. It is advised that you take a serious look at the people that you choose to associate yourself with and determine whether they are beneficial for your mindset or toxic to it.

We can be our own worst critic at times. The way we think about ourselves is often times much more powerful than the thoughts and opinions of others. For example, others may make negative comments and it stings but when you think negatively about yourself it burns!

Learning how to criticize yourself when necessary is important but it is even more important to learn how to do it in a healthy non-bashful way. When we make mistakes it is important that we learn from them but we cannot beat ourselves up for the rest of our lives over them.

Once you are able to praise yourself and think positively about yourself, the new life you experience will be something beyond your wildest imagination. The happiness that you experience will be incomparable to any other and for once in life, you will feel free!

The only person’s opinion that you should worry about when it comes to you is your own. While it can be a good thing at times to receive feedback from other people about things you may need to change in life or things they do not agree with, when it really comes down to it, it’s your life. Deep in your heart you will know whether or not others comments should be taken to heart or as a grain of salt.

Do not allow yourself to be a slave to a complacent mindset any longer. Break the chains that have been holding you back and experience the glorious life that has been waiting for you. Start your journey toward a healthier mindset and begin taking the necessary steps down the path to happiness!

You can find tools for changing you underlying mindset here.