woman choose from sweet cake and red appleTemptation just has to be one of the worst things that can happen to anyone on a diet. As fast as you resolve to start a new diet you see temptations everywhere! Why is this?

Well it is just like when a woman discovers she is pregnant, all of sudden she notices other pregnant women and moms galore. The same applies if you decide you want to buy a certain car, you start seeing that car all over the place.

Once you have made a decision to do something this becomes a focal point to you. So it is no wonder that you see the same thing everywhere you look.

There are many types of temptation that you may have to face. This includes food temptations, sexual temptations, religious temptations and social temptations such as drinking, smoking and taking drugs.

So just how do you avoid or resist these temptations? Temptations can be a really powerful force and you can find yourself giving in without even realizing what you are doing.

Your choice of words can play an important factor when it comes to resisting temptations. Many clinical studies have successfully proved that using the right words can make a world of difference to how you react to temptations.

When you resolve to stop drinking, quit smoking or drop 10 pounds you know that you are making a good lifestyle change. These are changes that will benefit you in the long run and will improve the quality of your life.

The best way to resist temptations is to shift your mind set directly after making your initial plan. Let’s look at a great example of this.

You have resolved that you are going to stop eating ice cream. As with any plan, things will happen that will make you want to go off course. Planning in advance can help you make the right choice when faced with any temptation.

A friend comes up to you and offers to treat you to ice cream – you have three choices:

  1. If you feel strong willed you can just say ‘no’ to the temptation to give in and eat the ice cream
  2. You can say that you ‘can’t’ eat ice cream – this can leave you feeling deprived
  3. You can say ‘I don’t eat ice cream’ – this reinforces your commitment