Dark-blue tunnel leading to the rotating light. May symbolise way to heaven after death, clinical death, escape, exit, freedom, psychedelic vision or some frame from the SF movie.

If you were at the bottom of a deep dark pit, looking up at a solitary opening that was lit with sunshine and blue skies and your life depended upon the actions you took to dig your way out, what kind of effort would you exert to reach the top?

Picture it. Adrenaline pumping, laser focused actions, your mind racing with ideas – assessing and analyzing each as you are all to aware that time is of the essence and one wrong choice will set you back from the precipice between life and death.

As the scenario unfolds, would you pause in your quest to survive and do any of the following:

* Stop to first get a general consensus amongst your friends or family as to whether you were really capable of digging your way out?

* Reflect on your past and conclude you are not worth of saving yourself?

* Give up if your first attempt didn’t work and conclude it really wasn’t meant to be?

* Take a break to check your phone notifications to see if anyone put anything fun on Facebook or check in on the latest drama to see what you are missing?

* Ponder what would be waiting for you once you got out and stress over unknown events that might happen in the future?

So am I describing a fictitious tragedy at the bottom of a pit or am I describing your approach to sculpting the life of your dreams and reaching your goals this year?

You see, if your goals – the very things that you refer to as being the “Life Of Your Dreams,” do not have you scrambling with the same fervor you would if you were at the bottom of a pit facing life and death – then perhaps at the start here of 2016, there’s more for you to consider than another set of resolutions or a renewed enthusiasm for your ‘to do’ list that was left over from 2015.

Moreover, if this is the second, third or even tenth consecutive New Year’s Day that you have said, “This will be MY year – the year it will all happen,” and it hasn’t come to fruition in the past, then it’s not your action but the prize that needs the adjustment or else you would have made it all happen by now – guaranteed!

Instead of resolutions, it may be time for you to decide whether these goals are really even a fit for you at all or if it’s time to reassess what IS important enough to you to move heaven and earth to make it happen.

If you aren’t committed to do whatever it takes to accomplish your dreams, it’s time to get a new dream because clearly you don’t want this one bad enough!