mantraMantras are powerful tools that can be used to help us make the consciousness shift into higher frequency less stressful, with ease and grace.

Mantras are simple phrases or chants such as “om” which creates sound wave energy that promotes healing, creativity and spiritual growth.

Do not underestimate the power of mantras, they are not mere thoughts or mere words; they have the power to heal.

In times past the western world may have had difficulty understanding how mantras worked. But, with the shift occuring and so many Light-workers busy bringing Truth forward there are numerous different and new energy healing modalites being introduced that allow us to better understand how energy works.

The word “mantra” derives from two Sanskrit words, “Manas” meaning mind and “trai” which means free from. Together they literally mean “to free from the mind”.

They originated in the Vedic tradition of India eventually becoming essential facets of the Hindu tradition and also practiced and used in Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Many offshoot are based on the practices of Eastern religions and traditions.

“Mantras are energy in sound form”

According to tradition, mantras are sounds, syllables or words that have the power to create spiritual transformation. The Vedas claim that “speech is the essence of humanity”. Mankind expresses through ideas and actions…through his speech and writing.

Everything according to the Vedas comes into being through speech.

The power in Mantras lies in the use of vibration to stimulate parts of the brain that in turn change the chemical balance of the brain. Saying a word actually produces a physical vibration. If we pay attention to the effect of the vibration from a certain word or phrase eventually it may come to have meaning associated with the effects of speaking or saying that particular word, phrase or vibration.

When you couple the physical vibration of the word with mental intent then the vibration/frequency also has a mental component that influences the results of saying it.

You could say that sound is the carrier wave and intent is overlaid upon the wave.

The universe is sound according to the Hindu tantra; creation is vibration manifesting at various frequencies and amplitudes giving rise to the formation of the world.

Although general meanings get associated with different mantras, ultimately the only lasting and meaningful definition is the end result…the effect of saying or chanting the mantra.

Mantras can be used as powerful healing tools. When performed, mantras energize “chi” or “prana”, the life force energy.

Every human body has 7 major chakras associated with it. They are major energy processing centers located along the spine and each has it’s own mantra associated with it. Chanting a certain mantra will work to activate the matching chakra which increases energy flow.

Mantras are used for healing the physical body as well as the mind. Repetitive practice purifies consciousness and the mind, removing any “karma” by balancing the distorted energy and bringing it back into alignment.

Mantras work because the spiritual power within the vibration/frequency of the words spoken is realized within us. You can use audible or inaudible vibrations. For example, thoughts and feelings would be counted as soundless vibrations but should not be considered any less effective than the spoken mantra.

When used over time, mantras will override slower vibrations and eventually after a long length of time will still/quiet all other vibrations by absorbing them. The process and time frame varies with each individual.

The mind can be quieted and move into peace by using mantras. All the thoughts that we carry in our heads…all the chatter that is constantly vying for attention…all these things carry a vibration with them and when we repeat a mantra it teaches the mind to let go and calm down. You move into silence.

If you’ve never employed the use of mantras a good one to start with is “AUM”; the White Light. It contains all the colors of the spectrum/rainbow/chakras and is considered on of the most powerful if not the most powerful of all the chants. You could also try the “YUM” mantra which is the seed mantra for the heart chakra.

To be effective, each mantra should be repeated for approximately 15 minutes each day.