take-chargeWhen it comes to life, there are basically two different types of people. You have your people who tend to be leaders and you have people who prefer to be followers. Take a good look at yourself, are you a leader or a follower?

It is important that we try to be leaders and not followers. I am sure that you want to be in control of your own life and not have circumstances or other people make all of your decisions for you.

If you truly want to be in the driver’s seat of your life, you are going to have to learn to be what is known as a master. This term pertains to a person in life who can accept and overcome whatever challenges each day provides. They are able to accept responsibility for all things in their life, both good and bad. As well, masters do not seek out sympathy when things are going rough for them, they just roll with the punches.

Strengthen your will power and become a master, then watch the universe unfold!

I had a friend who had lost control over her life at one point. Her name will be kept anonymous of course for privacy reasons. At a young age she became addicted to drugs. I lost contact with her for a couple of years after high school.

The next time I got in contact with her was over a social networking site. She explained to me the circumstances of her life at the time and it was an awful thing to hear. I think the worst part about the conversation was the fact that I was informed that she was selling herself to support her habit.

I tried to help her, but once again we lost contact.

I did not hear from her for many years. To be completely honest, I thought something bad had happened to her. This was all a complete shocker since this was a girl who got straight A’s in school!

Once again, a few years later, we got in contact over the internet. I was once again informed of the current circumstances of her life. Instead of worry and concern, this time I was filled with joy and excitement.

She was back in control of her life and doing better than ever!

I asked her, “What changed in your life to shift it toward a better path?” Her response was simple, “I no longer let my circumstances rule my life.” She then told me that she learned in therapy over the years that in order to have a good life, you must control your life.

She also told me that she learned many exercises and techniques that helped her get back in control of her life.

This interested me so I asked her if she could share some of these techniques with me and I also did some of my own research.

This is what I found.

Never Play the Blame Game:

The blame game doesn’t do anyone any good whatsoever. One of the biggest keys to gaining true control of your life is learning how to accept responsibility for everything in your life. All of your life’s circumstances, both good and bad, are a direct result from the choices you have made. Therefore, there is no point in trying to blame others because they are surely not at fault for your downfalls.

Personal Development Techniques:

There are many different forms of personal development techniques that can help you gain total control of your life. Some people find it helpful to go to seminars while others prefer to read books. For those who do not have the time for these options, you can always use audio recordings which are just as effective, if not more!

Life is Full of Tests:

There can be many speedbumps that we encounter while going down the path of life. It is important that we do not look at these difficult circumstances on our life as a burden. The reason for this is the fact that negative circumstances are often times a test provided by the universe. When we pass these tests we will surely be rewarded. Take advantage of a good challenge and never fear failure.

Learn to Love Yourself:

The most important thing that you can do to help you to get back in control of your life is to learn to love yourself. Love is powerful, use its power to your advantage

Your life will continue whether you are in control of it or not. Do not let circumstances dictate every decision that you try and make. Learn to enjoy life and trust in your Higher Power to support you through rough times.

You can change your life and gain true control, all you have to do is discover the personal development methods that are most beneficial for you.

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