healing-handsEnergy Healing. Practiced for thousands of years, energy healing is the future of medicine and a very commonly used phrase these days. But what exactly is energy healing and how does it work?

First you must have clarity that everything…and that means everything that is in the Universe is made up of energy. Although known by many names, Life Force, Chi,  Prana, Mana and Ki (from Japan and where the name Reiki originated) it’s all the same energy…our life force energy.

It makes sense then that if this energy is the Source of what is running everything that exists…including us, that it is prudent to keep this energy flowing in a healthy way throughout our four bodies…physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in order to maintain balance and health in our lives.

If we pay attention, our bodies are constantly “talking” to us telling us if we have an issue or energy blockage somewhere. These energy blockages always out manifest as disease in one or more of our bodies. In fact, all our health issues show up first in our energy fields and later manifest in our bodies.

The interesting thing to note is that healing energy is used in traditional medicine too. They call it energy medicine. Whenever an MRI is done…or any type of procedure that uses scanning devices…it is a form of energy healing.

Alternative medicine uses different terms including but not limited to Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, and some of the newer ones to surface such as Chios Energy Healing used to clear and heal chakras.

Although each system provides slightly different tactics, they all us the same principles. Their purpose is to create total balance within your energy centers and 4 bodies…your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Rather than targeting just specific areas of the body, energy healing embraces all 4 bodies on an energetic level.

Some of the advantages of energy healing beyond the obvious is that there are literally no side effects, is very gentle, can be felt instantly, is very soothing and many therapies can be done by the patient themselves.

Conditions such as fibromyalgia…so common these days can be the result of blocked energy centers. Think of it this way…energy is trying to flow through the body but there are roadblocks…energy blocks preventing it from flowing. Quite literally, the energy gets stuck and the result shows up in our bodies in the form of disease, discomfort and pain as well as effecting us emotionally causing excess anxiety and depression among other problems.

Some of the oldest energy methods around have been used for centuries by the Chinese such as Acupuncture which addresses the energy meridians in our bodies. Another form of Acupuncture called Acupressure uses the same healing technique, addressing energy meridians, but rather than using needles to clear blockages, the hands and fingers are used to apply the needed pressure.

Here’s a short list of energy healing techniques that you can study and apply. There are many so if one doesn’t suit you…then try another.

  1. Qigong: is a traditional meditative method that uses body movement and breath in slow marital art type exercises to achieve the desired results.  “Qi” in Chinese means “life force energy.” Gaining popularity in the west, this method is used for both healing and preventive medicine.
  2. Reiki: one of the most popular energy healing techniques, it originated in Japan and is used as a complimentary therapy for physical ailments and emotional issues. Energy flows from the palms of the practitioner as they use various hand placements on and off the body.
  3. Acupressure: rather than the traditional use of needles used with Acupuncture, this method employs the use of the hands and fingers to apply pressure in needed areas.
  4. Polarity Therapy: although developed in the West, this therapy draws heavily on eastern influence. Using the principles of yin and yang it brings into balance polarized energy within the body using techniques such as yoga, diet and for the mental and emotional bodies, psychotherapy.
  5. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique: another method developed in the west it uses the power of finger tapping on energy points rather than the traditional method of pressure. While tapping, any issues or beliefs you have about your problem will surface while the tapping is practiced.  This is one method you can perform on yourself once you learn how to effectively use EFT.

This list could go on and on as everyday there are new and exciting methods surfacing as the Age of Aquarius opens our minds, giving us clarity about what energy is and how it functions within our bodies.

Quantum physics is exploding and energy healing is the future. You would do well to acquaint yourself with one or more of these and find one that suits your situation best.

It’s high time we treated causes…the energy itself, rather than the effects of illnesses. Energy healing is the answer.