heart-chakra-colorsIf I were to tell you that you have a center of energy inside of you that can be used to open doors of blessing in your life, would you believe me?

If not, it’s time to start believing. Not only do we have one of these energy centers, we actually have six. These energy centers are referred to as our chakras. Each one of these six chakras is located in a very specific location and has its own set of unique responsibilities in our lives.

One chakra in particular that I would like to go over is the heart chakra.

Have you ever heard of the heart chakra before? Chances are, even if you are not knowledgeable with this chakra you have at least heard other people talk about theirs. The reason for this is the fact that chakra healing and balancing is becoming more and more popular by the day, likely due to people learning of its effectiveness.

Many of the issues that you may be currently facing in life can be made a lot easier, if not solved by healing and balancing this chakra along with the others.

All this talk about the heart chakra probably has those new to chakras trying to figure out what exactly a chakra even is. The following should clear things up.

What exactly is the heart chakra and what does it do?

As mentioned before, each chakra is an energy center, including the heart chakra. When we properly care for our chakras they bring all sorts of blessings as well as functionality and harmony into our lives. On the other hand, when we neglect to care for our chakras properly, they can bring more harm than good into our lives.

Since chakras are energy centers, I think this explanation should make quite a bit of sense.

Just for a second, lets picture chakra energy as cups of coffee. Most people like to have a cup of coffee to help them wake up, be full of energy and ready to tackle any challenges that they may face throughout the day. However, too much coffee can create too much energy which causes the jitters in most people causing things to take longer and be more difficult.

The same concept can be applied to chakras, when we have just the right amount of energy in them, things run smoothly. On the other hand, an abundance of energy in your chakras must escape somehow and this usually leads to unpleasant results.

For the heart chakra in particular, this can cause some real issues in life. As mentioned earlier, every one of our chakras has a unique set of responsibilities in our lives. Our heart chakra tends to have some very important responsibilities.

For example, when the heart chakra is in good health and balanced, we can expect to experience:

• The ability to connect with and understand others
• Compassion
• The ability to not only love but receive love as well
• Self-love
• Self-respect
• It is even believed that heart chakra healing and balancing has positive effects on the heart, especially when it comes to high blood pressure.

While this list of blessings may sound quite pleasant, there are many more gifts that a properly balanced heart chakra can provide us. The above list was nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.

On the other hand, the heart chakra can have negative impacts on our lives when we do not make sure that it is cared for properly.

For example, and unbalanced heart chakra is believed to cause:

• Lack of control of emotions
• Difficulty connecting with people on any level
• Inability to love or accept love
• Lack of self-love as well as self-respect
• Some people believe that there are even health risks involved with this chakra being either over or under-active.

Surely when you compare the above two lists, the first one sounds a lot better, right? Of course it does!

So now the question is, how can you achieve a balanced heart chakra if you feel as if yours might currently be out of balance?

There is good and bad news to answer this question. We will start off with the good news, there are numerous ways in which you can heal and balance the heart chakra. The bad news is it is not like fixing a headache, it will take time and lots of effort, but it is possible!

Many people turn toward yoga and meditation when it comes to working on their chakras. For some people, this can be very effective, for others it may not work as well.

Luckily, as mentioned before, there is much more than just one way to heal or balance a chakra. This allows people to find a method that works for them instead of forcing themselves to do something that works for someone else. In fact, some chakra balancing techniques are actually quite fun and don’t feel like an exercise at all.

If you’re interested in learning more about the heart chakra and the blessings it can bring into your life, click here!