healthy-gut1Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If you are one of the unlucky many who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, I am sure you answered yes. Those who do not suffer from IBS likely are not aware of how much of an impact it can have on a person’s daily life.

Some of the symptoms of IBS include:
• Pain in the lower belly
o This pain is relieved by having a bowel movement
• Bloating as well as an excess amount of gas
• Mucus in stool
• Changes in the frequency and pattern of bowel movements
o This is what is responsible for the belly pain. Having less bowel movements means getting rid of less toxins. The stool can back up and cause    severe pain

None of this sounds like it would lead to an enjoyable life!

Those who have IBS are well aware of the way it can change every aspect of their life. Simple activities such as going out to the movies or a baseball game become something you have to be worried about doing. Even careers can be effected by IBS. Constant trips to the bathroom as well as days off due to stomach pains will surely get you fired, sooner or later.

I know a person whose life was impacted in a serious way by IBS.

This person is a man whose name I will leave undisclosed. He is an older gentlemen and he has children as well as a few grandchildren. In his later years of life he began to develop IBS. At first, the symptoms were not that bad but they quickly progressed.

It was not long before this friend of mine found many things in life to be difficult. For example, his grandchildren participated in sports. He soon found it difficult to attend these sporting events. Between the pain in his stomach and the embarrassment of using public restrooms because of the noise and smell of his gas, he could no longer attend these events.

This broke his heart as well as his grandchildren’s hearts!

My friend is not big on going to the doctor so he neglected his issue for quite some time. After a while, he could no longer deal with the everyday hassle of IBS. He began doing some research online and he discovered that there are many alternative methods to treat IBS that do not require a doctor visit.

He was thrilled with this discovery and felt as if he had to share his findings with me. He called me on the phone and began to explain to me these miracle cures he had found.

He said that there are many natural remedies and diets that you can use to treat IBS. He explained to me that the simple act of minimizing intake of fried food, fatty food, oily food, and meat can help keep IBS in control.

He also said that yogurt is very beneficial. It coats the stomach to reduce pain and also helps to replace good bacteria in the intestines that can be flushed out due to diarrhea.

He also informed me that it is important to begin ingesting more fiber. He said the reason for this is the fact that fiber is important when it comes to having regular bowel movements. As well. Fiber can soak up excess liquid in the intestines. This prevents people from having constant diarrhea.

My friend then began to tell me about the benefits that certain types of meditation can offer. He found stories all over the internet of people giving testimony to how audio recorded mindful meditation sessions nearly cured or entirely cured their IBS symptoms. He said these stories got him interested in trying this meditation method and it wasn’t long afterwards that his symptoms began to diminish and his life began to get better.

It wasn’t long before his life was back to normal. He could once again do fun activities with his grandchildren and did not have to fear using a public restroom. He was no longer plagued with pain and he once again walked around wearing a smile on his face.

He had his life back!

There are many ways other than going to the doctor to treat IBS. However, it is probably still a good idea to go and see the doctor to ensure that your IBS is not causing serious health concerns.

Natural remedies and mindful meditation sessions are extremely helpful for treating IBS. Keep in mind, you may not see the effects of these treatments working immediately. Be patient and give it time. It will not be long before you have your life back once again, just as my friend does now!

Some people find it difficult to meditate on their own. Those who find difficulty meditating should consider using audio recorded meditation sessions. These audio recordings guide you through the meditation process and provide you with step-by-step instructions. They are perfect for meditation beginners.

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