Are you an entrepreneur who has been against the ropes and feel like you are on the verge of giving up? If so, you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are pushed to their limits on a regular basis.

The world of entrepreneurship isn’t always easy. There are lots of challenging times and entrepreneur’s skills seem to be tested on a regular basis. However, those with willpower, determination and the strength to keep pushing forward usually end up making quite a name for themselves.

Some people think that the most successful entrepreneurs had advantages early on in life. While this may be true to a certain extent, the most successful entrepreneurs had to work hard just like anyone else who has made it big.

Check out these 6 entrepreneurs who made it big…

1. Mark Zuckerberg

I’m sure just about everyone in the world has heard of Facebook before. Believe it or not, this amazing social media site has made Mark Zuckerberg’s estimated worth jump to $28.5 billion. I guarantee that Mr. Zuckerberg encountered many challenges along his path to success. However, he held on strong and now he was the success to show for it.

2. Sergey Brin

If you have ever used Google before, you owe thanks to Sergey Brin. Along with his co-founder Larry Page, Sergey invented Google. Google began as little more than a search engine but that didn’t last for long. Now the business has really taken off and Google happens to be on the frontlines of many advancements in modern technology.

3. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the founder of I’m sure we can all remember when was basically an online bookstore. However, times have definitely changed. Now, is involved in a wide-array of online goods as well as their own electronics.

4. Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg knows a lot about facing challenges and he also knows a lot about money. With an estimated worth of $33 billion, there will likely never be a day that Mr. Bloomberg is hard on cash. However, Mr. Bloomberg didn’t have an easy climb to the top. He has been involved with many political circles and was even the mayor of New York City. This gives proof to the fact that hard work and determination pays off in the long run.

5. Sheldon Adelson

If you payed any attention to the 2012 election, you likely know who Sheldon Adelson is. After all, Mr. Adelson sunk millions of dollars into failed campaigns for republican hopefuls. However, he didn’t let this get him down, likely because it was only a small dent compared to the estimated $38 billion that he is worth. Mr. Adelson made a name for himself by participating in computer trade show circuits and now he is the CEO and chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

6. Bill Gates

Bill Gates can be an inspiration for us all. With an estimated worth of $76 billion, money will never be an issue in Mr. Gates’s life. It just goes to show that the harder you work, the bigger the payoff is.

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