The term hypnosis seems to create a misunderstood affect on many. What the many do not realize is that we are in a hypnotic trance throughout the day. The alpha brain wave of hypnosis is quite a natural state. During intense focus when all other thoughts or distractions are blocked out, the conscious mind loses control, opening the door to the subconscious or unconscious mind.

You have heard the statement, knock, knock, is anybody there? Usually this inquiry is directed to someone who is ‘zoned out’ which occurs during TV watching, book reading, daydreaming, concentrating, etc. There is a shift in brain wave activity, which permits suggestive messages to alter old, crystallized, habitual self destructive patterns.

Hypnosis is simply the deliberate act of putting oneself into the same state of consciousness that we find ourselves in several times a day. The term ‘peace out’ is used if someone is too caught up in their conscious thoughts, worries, emotions, or fears.

Basically someone is asking the emotive person to switch gears out of the beta state where the inner dialogue is cued and blasting it’s directive manic chaos. It is a plea to move into alpha brain waves.

Self-hypnosis naturally guides the awareness into a specific state of being that allows advantageous messages to enter the subconscious mind, the master computer of your brain. The hypnotic state moves one’s being to well being setting the stage for such an experience to occur.

Being in a hypnotic state is not sleeping, napping or a blind state; rather it is one of increased alertness accompanied by a heightened tranquil mode of being.

This posture allows for a sharpened frame of mind that enables the subconscious to transform damaging habitual patterns. The confluence of low self worth, familial wounds, negative belief systems and thinking, and old, outmoded paradigms may be altered.

The same old same old that does not work for our highest good habituates to the beneficence of disciplined thought.

How does all of this take place? Have you ever attempted to dialogue with someone whose opinion is directly opposed to yours? In this experience, if the person is steadfast and unwavering in their opinion there is an ultimate stalemate. A wall of resistance ceases any movement or outcome to the debate.

It is akin to a chess match where the player whose king is not checked finds himself with no available legal move, “the game is a draw, no matter what advantage one side could have over the other.” No good comes from a stalemate.

Hypnosis expedites assimilation of wanted perceptions because there is no resistance. The conscious mind is put to rest, actually turned off. It is because the conscious, everything that is in our awareness, feeds the subconscious that we need to clean out and reprogram often.

The fodder that obfuscates our dreams, goals, intentions, motivations, achievements, etc. are cobwebs that need constant shifting.

The significance of the directive to become like children came to light after researching brain waves. “In fact, on a brain scan, a person in hypnosis shows the brainwave activity as we experience in the early years of our lives when our minds were able to sponge up information and immediately integrate it.”

This is why hypnosis accelerates the window of opportunity in learning to think progressively in advancement of our awareness. It is purposeful action in creating the new being we want to become. The process of hypnosis actually shifts brain activity from the beta to the alpha state. What does that really mean?

What is brain wave activity and what are the different states of consciousness? The universe runs on pulsations. The ebb and flow of the waves, the waxing and waning of the moon, the beat of our heart, yin and yang, the four seasons, contractions during birth, as does our brain pulse through four brain waves.

The first is beta, 13-40 cycles per second, it is the daily dominant state, alpha, 8- 12 cycles per second is the state we are in when falling asleep, awaking or intense focus, theta, 4-7 cycles per second, is aligned with dreams, creativity and ESP, and the fourth is delta, ½ to 4 seconds per second, associated with deep sleep, a very slow pattern.

Don’t be fooled by magic shows and staged hypnotist that lead you to believe that your mind may be controlled. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to reprogram the data filed in the unconscious that inhibits you in any way. It is another method to be mastered and implemented in healing oneself.