The word hypnosis conjures up different feelings for many people.  Some picture a person moving and squawking like a duck after being hypnotized, others believe it is a sham, while some believe it is mind control.

Self hypnosis is simply working with your subconscious mind to bring about the desired behavior, goals and changes necessary to accomplish whatever you want.

Hypnosis is a method that allows people to deal with problems that they simply cannot resolve using other approaches.  Dieting, gambling, smoking, lack of confidence, fear of public speaking may be altered with a change of behavior and thoughts through self-hypnosis.


The conscious mind is the part that keeps us awake at night going over all that needs to be done or the repetitive negative thinking that robs our precious sleeping hours.

The conscious mind governs short term memory and helps us remember someone’s name whom we were just introduced to.  It is the part of us that rationalizes, analyzes and is the center of the incessant inner dialogue.

The subconscious mind is the part of our mind that self-hypnosis works with.  It rules long term memory and allows us to ride a bicycle, drive a car, use a computer or piano keyboard that we may have first learned years earlier and have picked up once again.

The subconscious operates our autonomic system, which controls the heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, all the functions of our organs, metabolism and every other involuntary function or our body that operates without a thought from us.

It is also the seat of our emotions, creativity, feelings, imagination and is the storage center for every event that we have encountered in our life.  Déjà vu occurs when one of our senses stimulates a subconscious memory that includes the same sensory information.

Our subconscious usually gets overwhelmed and burdened by our endless mind chatter.  It is the quieting and relaxing of the

conscious mind that hypnosis seeks.  It is only when our mind is like a still glass pond ,that we can then engage the phenomenal powers of the mind.

Self-hypnosis is not for those that doubt its’ credibility or those that cannot quiet and relax their minds and bodies deep enough to get into the appropriate state.  It is not for those who think it is a waste of time or are concerned and fear what it will do to them.

Hypnosis, also called auto-suggestion or autogenic training is akin to an experience you may have had.  If you are going to a barbecue or choice restaurant and begin visualizing tasting your favorite food; a physiological result may occur.  Your body could actually start salivating as you hold a concentrated focus and memory kicks in.

Conceptualize how powerful your mind is, that it can cause your body to react to a concept that you think about in detail.

The best athletes, musicians, performers of any kind use self-hypnosis to remember how it feels to be successful.

They envision an desired outcome of a game or performance, reinforce their confidence, allow their minds to quiet and  bodies to be in the zone to express their God given gift freely without reserve.  Any doubts or fears can be soothed and converted to confidence and determination.

Athletes use short affirmations to push them through pain or when they need to expand their concentration, control, confidence, consistency, commitment or creativity.

Models wearing 5 inch heels who walk down the 138 steep slope of the Spanish steps of Rome built in 1723 for a show not only practice but visualize walking down the steps without a glitch.

Many people from all walks of life employ self-hypnosis to create the perfect mental environment necessary for success.

Business owners and entrepreneurs engage in self-hypnosis to create the sales needed for their projects through brainstorming, communication, and creativity.

Mental health professionals suggest self-hypnosis to assist patients with depression, panic attacks, and harmful practices like cutting or hair pulling.

The mantras, visualization, new thought patterns and breathing techniques can assist in controlling the downward spirals once negative behavior is initiated.  It abates the intensity and severity of the behaviors with new beneficial thought patterns and belief systems.

Many cancer patients and others with chronic illnesses have been helped by envisioning the healthy cells of their body taking over the diseased ones.  The focus on the body healing itself assists people in feeling like they have control and diminishes anxiety and hopelessness.

Other benefits of auto-suggestion are better sleep, ability to lose weight, build and enhance career, improve memory, develop sales ability, ease in childbirth, fertility for pregnancy, better relationships, defeat shyness, public speaking, altering attitudes and moods, developing creativity and assistance in any rational goal desired.

Like a new exercise program, it will take time to retrain the data that has fed your subconscious in the past which simply did not work for you.

As you learn to relax, to prepare your mind, to hear and believe the new program you have created, the subconscious will osmose the new words, ideas, and behaviors.

Listening to a self-hypnosis guidance track for twenty minutes a day, four days a week is a good start to initiate the subconscious in changing the old negative patterns to the new one.  Comfort at all levels in necessary for the body, mind and spirit to work in unison for the wanted transformation.

As with anything, persistence, discipline, and persevering efforts create changes that you may witness in a short time but long range change needs long term practice.  Any self-hypnosis tape that you listen to will include processes that has you feel the success coming your way.

Your physiology will change and your body and mind need to become familiar and comfortable with the changes, welcoming and nurturing the new feelings.  This mechanism transforms our conscious behavior and belief system, thereby achieving the success and goals we once only dreamed about.  It manifests faith, and only faith moves mountains.