Affirmation-101Have you ever heard of the old saying, sticks and stones will break our bones but words will never hurt us? While there may be some truth to that statement it actually couldn’t be any more wrong when it comes to the words we speak about ourselves.

The way that we think of ourselves and the things that we say about ourselves will greatly impact our futures. How it impacts your future is entirely up to you. By being positive and saying positive things about yourself you can create a future that is successful and full of abundance. On the other hand, saying negative things about yourself will only make your circumstances worse.

The power that our opinion of ourselves holds is unbelievable. Other people may say negative things to us that we are able to simply brush of. However when it is our own opinion that is negative of ourselves, it pulls at our heart strings in ways we have never felt before.

This power can also be used in a positive way. The more we tell ourselves that we are a good person and we deserve the best things in life, the more we will start to believe it. This is highly important as those who are blessed in the universe are those who feel as if they deserve.

The power of these statements is so powerful that there is actually a therapeutic term for them. They are referred to as affirmations. Affirmations can be very beneficial when it comes to changing the circumstances of someone’s life, especially when they are done correctly.

Affirmations do not take long to do and they are not difficult to do either. A few minutes and some time by yourself with a mirror is all you need. You can create your own affirmations or you can use some that other people have created that are geared toward getting you ready for specific events. There are lists all over the net that have hundreds of examples of affirmations and they will surely have one that is perfect for your needs.

If you decide to create your own affirmations, it is highly advised that you make them believable and full of emotion and powerful words. For example, it should be something like, “I am a good candidate for the position and I know the employer will offer me the job!” It is very important that you do not create affirmations such as, “I think I am good enough for the job and maybe I’ll get lucky.” This will be ineffective and will surely not present the outcome that you desire. If anything it may pull you in the wrong direction even more.

Once you have created your affirmations it is time to put them to good use. All you need to do is find somewhere quiet where you can be alone. It is advised that you go into a room with a mirror as this makes the exercise more effective. Look yourself in the mirror and make sure to make direct eye contact. While maintaining eye contact with yourself you will begin to recite your affirmations.

Please keep in mind that affirmations can feel very awkward in the beginning, especially for those who have been hiding from themselves for quite a long time. The forced eye contact with yourself can cause you to see how sad you really are about your circumstances on the inside. The good thing is the longer you practice affirmations the easier and less awkward it will become.

The longer you do affirmations the stronger you will become. You will begin to believe in yourself more and the sadness that you used to see in your eyes will be replaced with a joyful presence!

While using affirmations, it is important to cut out all influences in your life that may bring negativity, especially if it is directed toward you. Although this may be a difficult task, it is important if you do not want all of the hard work you have done with your affirmations to be reversed.

One important thing to keep in mind is the fact that, just as with anything else in life, affirmations can be misused. There is a difference between believing in yourself and being conceited. Therefore, your affirmations should never include statements such as, “I am better than that person,” or “I worked harder than them, I deserve more.” These types of statements will not bring positive change into your life. They may actually even cause you to be punished by the universe for your selfishness.

Basically, affirmations can be used for any circumstance but it is important to make sure that you use them correctly. Also, the power of affirmations may take a while to show results. By this I mean that you cannot do it for one day and expect a complete turn around in your life. It will take time, effort, and patience.

If you remain strong and continue your affirmations you will create an unstoppable force that will surely lead you down the best path that life has to offer.

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