consciously_creatingWouldn’t it be great if you could consciously create your life to be exactly how you want it? Imagine what it will be like to create that detailed life blueprint of your goals and dreams and watch it unfold before your eyes?

Guess what? You can!  Deep inside you, you have infinite power to create anything your heart desires. You are in fact an alchemist within with the ability to mold energy and to create a life that you love by your focused intent; it is the art of conscious creation.

The art of conscious creation is in fact, an art you want to be well acquainted with. This means that you learn how to harness the powers of the Universe that reside within you to consciously create the life of your dreams.

It might surprise you, but it is not that difficult to become a master at consciously creating and manifesting desires and dreams. It simply takes learning the fundamentals of how to tap into the powers of the Universe.

The Universe is Mental

It is important to understand that everything that you see was first thought up by Universal Mind. The invisible mental realm, the realm you cannot see with your physical eyes is the breeding ground for everything you can see in the physical realm. There is an ordered intelligent Consciousness behind everything.  That being said, your mind is part of this system just as the universe’s intentions manifest into reality, so do yours.

Everything is Energy

Everything in the Universe is energy in some form, including you. The bicycle you ride, the ocean, the clouds, the sun, and even your thoughts all have personal energy signatures that vibrate at different frequencies.  Learning how to tap into and manipulate this powerful energy to shift the vibration of your thoughts away from what you don’t want helps you to consciously create what you do want; your desires.

Laws of Conscious Creation

The Law of Attraction

If you are reading this then you are well acquainted with the Law of Attraction. This law simply states that like attracts like; positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.  If you really come to understand this law, you can begin to deliberately, create your dream life based upon your thoughts and intentions.

That’s self-realization and it’s empowering.

Whether we realize or pay attention, thoughts are creating and manifesting our realities each and every moment. Now that you are aware of the operation of this powerful law, perhaps it is time to monitor the life of your thoughts and consciously steer them in the direction of your positive visions.

What you see and feel in your life is a reflection of your inner consciousness, your perceptions.  Your life is a reflection of your vibration and your vibration is a result of the level of your consciousness.

In order to change your outer world you must adjust your inner world, your thoughts, your perceptions; your consciousness. The good news is that you have within you the power to do this very thing. As a Master Alchemist with the power to transmute energy, you have within you the power to change your thoughts at any moment! Change your thoughts, change your life.

Start thinking positive thoughts. Make a list of things that you desire or characteristics that you want in your life and write them down. Maybe you want a new career or to be more loving to your spouse. Write those things down and think and talk about them.

This way you engage both your inner and your outer mind. As you do, you are harnessing the powers of the Universe to your advantage and magnetically attracting those things into your existence.

The Law of Detachment

The Law of Detachment asserts that you can freely create your reality with the powers of the Universe and your mind when you detach from the outcome and allow the Universe to do its job. You basically detach from the method or outcome, knowing that creation will occur as you wish. You work from a standpoint of trust and faith rather than worry and fear.

You are part of the world

The Universe is a matrix of energy; everything in it is linked to everything else. That being said, creation is always creating and manifesting and you are part of that creation. You can learn how to focus your consciousness to create your dream life.  For example, if you want less financial worry and more abundance then focus your attention, your energy on abundance.  It is really that simple.

How do you do that? You think abundant thoughts, speak abundant words, daydream about abundance, and basically, live and breathe abundance! You must “be what you want to see” according to Gandhi.

You are a creator, so if you consciously create an abundant life, the reality of that will certainly manifest physically!

The art of conscious creation is an art that everyone eventually becomes a student of because it is our destiny to be conscious creators.

Creating a life of peace, joy and abundance is what we were created to do.