every moment“We are always vibrating and calling to us that which we vibrate with.”

The Law of Attraction teaches this and we know it to be true.

However, there is a deeper aspect or understanding to the process that once understood cuts through all the layers of illusion that we’ve woven around ourselves.

As electromagnetic beings, we vibrate. Simple enough to understand and grasp as most of us now have a working knowledge of energy in us, as us and around us. However, what we must fully grasp and understand is that thoughts and words also hold vibrations but these vibrations are not what most think.

Words are one of the vehicles used to carry the energy of e-motion. E-motion originates in our “feeling” centers, our heart centers. It is the birthplace of intentions…our deepest desires.

However, words of themselves have no power. They are but empty shells waiting to be filled with e-motion. Our intentions, in the form of energy, fill the empty shell of words.

It matters not what you may mask this energy in from that point on…the intent is the pattern and the reality of what it is and what you are sending, not the empty thoughts, words or actions.

If you think you can send out hateful, angry thoughts and mask them in eloquent, poetic words and think that no one is aware…you are dead wrong.

It never changes the intent…the pattern that was stamped on this energy from the moment of its inception…its creation within your feeling nature…your heart center.

This is what is ‘felt’ by the receiver of this energy…their outer senses may see an appropriate action, or hear an appropriate word, but they cannot escape the ‘feeling’ they get…the energy body knows the truth. They too are electromagnetic beings.

This is precisely why people continue to draw unwanted situations into their lives.

They have cleaned up their words and actions, but not their intentions.

Our words and actions are the vehicles used to express in the physical realm; they are the vehicles used to hold our intentions, but they are not the intention. Intentions are the containers that hold our desires. If our desire is to “hurt” someone then it is laced into the energetic process we use to send out this energy. If we use words…it is laced into them…if we use thoughts…it is laced into them, it is behind every action performed…no matter what may appear to the physical senses.

Intention has many vehicles of expression, however the ‘spoken word’ is the worst offender and most often used and misused. You can whistle it, hum it, yodel it or scream it from the highest mountain, you can whisper it in the gentlest prayer; all of these are just masks for the imprint/pattern of energy that you’ve sent out from your heart/feeling center…your desire…your intent.

This is the kicker…as you think or speak these words of intention you must realize that they come out from your center and as such, come through your energetic grid first. The very first atoms and cells that are commanded with such intent are your own.

If you intend joy, love, happiness, peace and prosperity, you fill yourself with these high vibrations. If you intend harm in any way…then your cells and atoms fill with this vibration first as it goes out from you. You are the first to be poisoned by your own low vibration intention or you are the first to be loved and embraced, filled with JOY and LIGHT by your loving, compassionate intentions.

Whatever you intend is intended for you, for that is the energy that is imprinted first.

The lesson is: whatever honorable and pure desires and wishes you have for yourself…bestow it on others with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and it shall be yours.

You truly are in control of creating a life filled with all good things, using the conscious power of your intentions.