Is it just me or does it feel like this year has gone by really fast? It all honesty, it feels like just a little while ago that I was anticipating the start of 2016 and here we are, already getting ready to go into 2017.

I love the new year, especially the parties for New Year’s Eve. If your hosting a party or attending something set up by family and friends, I’m sure you want to have the best time possible. Luckily, it doesn’t have to hard or expensive to create a fun party.

There are many games and activities that are easy to do and are a blast. With the right ideas, you’ll surely have an amazing New Year’s Eve.

Check out these fun activities and games that will make New Years Eve fun for everyone…

1. Do An Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun, but the idea of wandering around in the cold and dark likely seem less than appealing to most people. Keep in mind, no one ever said that a scavenger hunt has to be done outside.

Consider hosting an indoor scavenger hunt and make sure to have a lot of clues. Remember, the longer you keep people looking, the longer the fun will continue.

2. Put Together A Time Capsule

Putting together time capsules is a lot of fun. On top of that, it gives families and friends something to retrieve in the future to reminisce over the past.

Put together a bunch of your favorite things and put them in some type of capsule. Anything that you can seal off with work. After that, bury the capsule and make an agreement between everyone participating on how long it will remain buried for.

3. Take Turns Guess Resolutions

Setting resolutions is a widely practiced tradition. Consider making a game out of guessing one another’s resolutions. The idea behind this game is quite simple, the person who guesses correctly the most times wins. This is a simple way to have a great time and learn more about one another at the same time.

4. The Lie Game

The lie game simple involves a person saying a couple of things that are true and then one lie. Have the people you are celebrating with tell two true stories from the past year and then one made up one. Then try to figure out which stories are factual and which ones are not.

5. The Best Selfie Game

Just about everyone has a camera phone these days. Luckily, this makes having a great time really easy to do. Host a friendly competition and see who can take the best selfie. To make this more fun, you may want to do the best funny face or perhaps the most unique photo.

6. Play A Game Of New Year’s Scramble

Come up with a bunch of words that describe either the old or new year. Then, scramble up the letters in all of the words and print them out. Give everyone who you are sharing New Year’s Eve with a copy and see who can unscramble the most words.

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