fear monsterThe many disguises of fear. Do you know them?

If you are like most people when
circumstances and situations occur in your life your first approach to them is fear. Yep, believe it or not, it is fear that dominates most every mind.That’s why religions designate the physical realm as the realm of “Satan.” Fear truly does rule.

You won’t recognize fear most times because well, it has many very clever designs and tactics that it hides behind.

And, since fear has been around since mankind first woke in the 3rd dimension, it has depth and power beyond what you can imagine. It does not give in easily…nor will it reveal itself…you must learn to recognize it, face it and love it.

What? Love fear? Yep…that’s right. Look it straight in the eyes (they really are demons) and embrace it in your heart. Embrace this fear…embrace this fear with so much love and understanding that the fear energy itself is transmuted into the energy of Light. Rather than being dense and dark in nature it is light, airy and free…as all things were created to be.

For fear is a condition that is void of Light and needs Light to banish the darkness of ignorance…the ignorance that is creating the fear that is manifesting through your anger, resentment, guilt or jealousy.

Fear is the first emotion we felt when we woke in the 3rd dimension and had to deal with creating a living for ourselves…when we had to toil for a living after leaving the consciousness of Oneness. We were in survival mode relying on our outer senses to clue us in about the world around us.

Fear is mental trickery. It uses your mind to protect you…remember it is still in survival mode. It’s job is to present you with all the negative outcomes…to protect you from the possibility of them.

Fear itself is an aspect of LOVE. It is a tool used by LOVE to teach us what LOVE is.

Some of the more common and obvious fears are guilt, anger, jealousy, and greed. These fears are woven throughout our daily experiences, however, there are even more subtle masks that it hides behind such as doubt, disappointment, laziness, frustration and pain.

It may assume a fancy name…but it’s still fear no matter what mask it shows up in.

Fear paralyzes us…it keeps us from taking action towards a dream, vision or goal we may have. We avoid it like the plague but in doing so, in playing it safe so that we won’t “get hurt”, disappoint others or ourselves, feel rejection or embarrassment we lose out on opportunity.

Watch yourself when an opportunity comes your way. You may entertain excitement initially, but then what happens? Fear enters your mind. Is it an immediate negativity on how or why you cannot move forward in this opportunity. Your ego mind will (how fear manifests) will throw every reason in the book at you as to why you will fail at this mission hoping to keep you from embarrassment or failure. It thinks it is protecting you.

But, in the process it is also keeping you from success!

For example:

You want to start a new business but your fears are that you will not succeed and because of the failure it will lead to you losing your house, car or worse yet…once you let one of those ornery thoughts in they bring all their buddies and before you know it, your enthusiasm about starting your own business is now buried in fearful images of failure.

You need to replace those images with successful images. Go into your imagination and replace those scary tactics with a vision of all the traveling you’ll do, the new home you’ll build and the purchase of the car you’ve been dreaming about for so many years. You can even imagine an amount of money and see that amount in your bank account in your visions…your mind images.

Paint beautiful pictures! Feel peace, joy, love and gratitude and paint those feelings into your vision. Feel joy at your accomplishment. Feel peace that your finances are taken care of in such an abundant way and feel gratitude for all of it. Feel it as you envision…that’s what give it energy.

Make them strong and revisit them as often as needed…especially if you feel negative emotions starting to take over your mind about your new endeavor. You must stand guard at the door of your mind and monitor what you allow in.

For simplicity:

Replace fearful feelings with peace and joy and love whenever needed and learn to stand in the middle ground of all situations without getting emotionally involved. Life is never good or bad…it’s all perception and relative to the individual. It’s really that simple.

The hardest part of the process is the undoing of all the reactions to fear that occur in your life. We are creatures of habit and as such you will have to work on the patterns you have created in your energy signature that define you and how you act.

Tear off the mask. Look behind the facade and love the energy that hides because it is scared.

The work is joyful and powerful! Transmute those fearful thoughts. Don’t just chase them away for another day. They will continue to make their appearance whenever anything triggers that particular ‘fear button’.

There is only one way to change fear to LOVE and that’s with LOVE. LOVE your fears into LOVE by transmuting the lower energy to the higher frequency of LOVE with the power of your mind energy/focus.

Remember if you chase fears away without dealing with them…without turning the energy into LOVE it returns again as fear. Energy never goes away. You can’t kill it…but you can transform it.