Self-Discipline, The Single Parents Miracle TrairWe all have dreams about what our families will be like when we are growing up. Many of us created our own little fairy tales about how perfect things would be, the number of kids we would have, and how great of a relationship we would have with our significant other.

However, things don’t always turn out how we would like them to. For example, the person we thought we would share our lives with may longer be there one day and this can happen for many different reasons. One of which would be people simply growing apart and deciding to live separate lives. On the other hand, there is always those who are involved in unexpected tragedies.

No matter what the reason for splitting up may be, it is still life changing. This becomes especially true when there are children involved. Being a single parent is no easy task. It requires a great deal of motivation, energy, pride, determination and most of all self-discipline.

Some people may be wondering why self-discipline is such an important trait amongst single parents. This explanation should clear things up a bit.

Basically, self-discipline is what will help a single parent do the job of both parents while only being one person. By this I mean that self-discipline is what allows single parents to play the role of both the nurturer and the father figure.

There will be times as a single parent where you want to let your child get away with just about anything. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that you likely feel bad about the fact that your child’s mother or father is not in the picture.

This is understandable but not necessarily in the child’s best interests when it comes to their future. Think about it, the world can be a tough place, especially when we don’t have the right tools to make all the pieces of the puzzle fit.

It’s hard to play the role of a parent if you are wrapped up being a “friend”. For many parents, especially single parents, this is extremely difficult. This only further adds to the importance of good self-discipline as a parent.

The hard part about doing it alone is the fact that you tend to always be the bad guy. Usually, when there are two parents, the load gets distributed evenly amongst both parents. However, as a single parent, there is no one to fall back on of ask for help with a situation. So basically, every time your child has to hear the word “no” or not get what they want, you will be the only one to point the finger at.

In all honesty, you cannot avoid situations such as these. However, you can prepare for them by strengthening your self-discipline which will in turn strengthen your ability to be the best parent you can.

Aside from that, self-discipline is what will get you up out of bed every day. Most people have experienced at least a handful of mornings where they just didn’t want to get out of bed. Well guess what, for parents that is usually not an option, especially single parents.

As well, as mentioned before, being a single parent means double the work load. It takes a great amount of self-discipline as well as time management skills in order to get everything done that needs to done in a day.

If you feel like your level of self-discipline could use a little boosting, don’t worry because it can easily be fixed. The beautiful thing about self-discipline is the fact that it is a skill. Therefore, it can be learned by anyone no matter how lacking in it they may currently be. With the right amount of practice and the right attitude, self-discipline can easily be obtained.

Practice makes perfect. The more you practice using self-discipline, the easier it will become to do the right thing, no matter what!

Having a healthy level of self-discipline comes with its own set of rewards. You really begin to feel prideful when you know you are able to put your foot done and ensure everything is going as it should, especially when it comes to raising a child by yourself.

While it may be a scary thought to think about raising a child, or children, by yourself, I assure you it is more than possible. The best past is, when your child grows up and becomes a success, they will know they have you to thank. After all, you are mom and dad!

Remember, things will get rough at times! However, the best way to deal with things is to remain strong and use your self-discipline to set the best example for your child that is possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step so the journey can begin!

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