incenseIndeed, it does seem incredible that my mother, incense and pot could have anything in common, but as you are about to discover there is a huge common denominator here and you may also realize how you too tie into this story…

I love scents and derive a great deal of motivation from working and living in an environment that permeates lavender, vanilla, sandalwood and all the other fragrances you will find in my RV between candles, essential oils and room fresheners.

However, until recently there was one thing conspicuously missing from this equation and that was incense. And it’s not because I don’t love incense – in fact, I believe that the potency of incense is far superior to what you get from most candles.

So why the moratorium on incense in my home?

Well, if you can believe it or not, when I was a child, at one point I recall my mother saying that “only people who smoke pot burn incense and they do it to cover up the smell.”

Now, understand – I do not remember when she told me this, or how many years ago it was, but at 50, it had to be probably in the neighborhood of 40 to 45 years ago.

So literally, for all of my teen and adult life, every time I smell incense somewhere, I immediately think back to what my mother told me.

Was this accurate? Is it true? Does it have any bearing on my life today? Well, yes and no… because you see, this is exactly what we as adults work to overcome when we talk about limiting beliefs and negative patterns.

In my mind, as erroneous as it is, if I burned incense someone may think I was trying to cover up the smell of pot. Now, I don’t even know if that’s true and I also don’t know if anyone else in the free world has even heard of this notion – but that doesn’t matter. The point is, it was injected into my brain in my formative years and became MY reality.

So I ask you, are there other such beliefs you hold to be true – no matter how absurd? Or perhaps you may be living with such notions that you don’t even give a second thought about, because until it’s pointed out, you may not realize these false beliefs even exist. That is what is so tricky about negative patterns – we don’t know them to be false if we never stop to consider it.

My ultimate incense epiphany came recently on a trip to Epcot with my daughters. As we were strolling through the gift shop in Japan, we rounded a corner into a beautiful area containing incense, bonsai trees, Zen garden tools and so many other amazing elements to connect with spirit. And as I stood there in the middle of Disney – my happy place – it occurred to me that the esteemed Walt Disney was of course NOT burning incense in the store to cover up any pot smoking! Yes, an amusing conclusion, but an ah-ha moment nonetheless!

And of course I’m somewhat joking here as I point that out, because in my conscious mind, I know full well that isn’t a valid or logical label to affix to all who burn incense. But again, we are not beings of just our conscious minds – our subconscious is at play and once one of these little thought processes become embedded, it often takes years to realize and remove them.

I’m happy to share that upon embracing my epiphany that day, I promptly purchased a selection of incense and have been happily burning them ever since with no fear of the pot police coming to get me, or that the neighbors would think I’m up to no good. Instead, I am enjoying my fragrance and using it as inspiration to move others toward the light of uncovering their own limiting beliefs and indulging in the joy when they are removed from our reality forever!

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So now it’s your turn…

Have you ever experienced any such belief that makes you chuckle when you reflect back on it? Please share your experience so you too can help others overcome something in their life that has been holding them back. And together we can all prosper along the journey to the life of our dreams.