Conscious manifesting using the Law of Attraction is at best the single most popular topic in self help circles both on and off the net these days. It’s popularity is due in large part to the movie “The Secret” which opened the eyes of many who had never heard of esoteric laws…laws that govern energy and manifestation.

Although this topic continues to be of highest interest, rarely do people actually have success using it because they skip over the most important aspect of this powerful law…

The connection to self. Our lifeline to wisdom, knowledge and divine will.

Conscious manifesting begins inside. Inside of you. You must discover the force that directs your every move…you must acquaint yourself with the true nature of your Higher Self that lives in the deepest part of your being.

This is your starting point. The point of recognition. Until you understand who it is that is manifesting how can you expect to consciously manifest using the Law of Attraction?

Once you have searched and discovered this self/voice within and begun to consciously pay attention, you move past the world of form…the world of duality where everything is given a title of good or bad…right or wrong…the world where rewards and punishments are meted out according to actions taken.

This is the dumping ground of fear, conformity and enslavement.

Identifying this subtle world of duality is the first step in moving out of this dumping ground of fear into integrity and authenticity, the playground of love…where the Laws of Self are discovered and the conscious manifesting process begins.

These higher spiritual laws…aspects of our higher selves, transcend the world of dual thinking and are embraced when we begin to live true to our self in all our decision making. In other words rather than automatically responding to any given situation with automated “mass consciousness” patterns, we choose to consciously embrace our “feelings”…our intuition…in any given circumstance, honoring where it is taking us as the only “choice” for us.

Rather than burying these nudges and feelings under some deep rooted need to please others, to do it “their way”…some need to conform, we recognize these as signals from our Higher Self…directions and patterns for living that if followed bring peace and happiness, joy and excitement and most of all personal satisfaction and hearts contentment in our lives.

There is a “high road” and a “low road” in all life’s circumstances…aligning with your desires and infusing them with your energy is taking the high road. Allowing others to dictate your world and environment is taking the low road….the low vibrational thought road…form, duality and conformity…enslavement to others…their thoughts, desires and wishes rather than honoring your own. Rather than thinking for yourself, you allow others to think and make decisions for you.

Choose to live in integrity and authenticity as a self realized being of power, no longer manipulated as a unconscious puppet on a string, addressing with confidence your needs and knowing without a doubt that it is the right choice for you…whether others view it this way or not.

This is the Source of power…your power and the most overlooked step in manifesting.

This is when we become conscious actors, thinkers and feelers making conscious decisions based on our deepest needs…connected to our authentic self, inline with Divine Will.

Synchronicities magically weave their way through our daily living. Choices we make will benefit us and our lives automatically become easier.

Life is filled with wonder and we begin to live within the Universal flow…not resisting but embracing our experiences and circumstances, viewing them as grand opportunities.

The ecstatic song of gratitude fills our hearts to over flowing and we experience love and beauty in more ways than we ever dreamed possible.

The desires of our hearts, the hopes of our dreams and the visions of our imagination are constantly trying to get our attention. What excites you and gets your adrenaline flowing?…this is the voice of Self trying to reach you. Are you paying attention?

This is the voice you need to acquaint yourself with. This is the communication system used by your Higher Self to get your attention focused on what it is you should be manifesting.

How many times have you buried this divine voice because it did not conform to the way society…in your world views things? How many times did you repress these feelings and nudges being sent to you because of fear of punishment or lack of reward?

Respond to these inner urgings, answer each call as it summons your attention with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning and watch your world transform from one of chaos and confusion to one of wonder, excitement, joy and harmony.

Synchronicities are natural…they are the result of living aligned to your divine authentic self. What seemed magical before becomes common place as circumstances and conditions present themselves at just the right moment…fulfilling your every need.

Listen to the language of Self…the language of joy and excitement, enthusiasm, hopes and dreams…your deepest yearnings and desires, the longings of your heart…this is the language your higher self uses to communicate with you, to get your attention.

Listen to it, embrace it, flow with it and take action 😉