Many of us have come to the understanding that this journey we call life is a school for the soul. 

Each and every event, occurrence and experience we encounter provides a lesson for soul growth and higher consciousness if the lesson within the experience is learned.

The lesson within every minute of any given day continues to present itself to us until we can move on because we have become open and gained the wisdom presented.

We have often heard of the term control freak, drama queen/king, defining those with control problems.  Many who really get it simply shrug their shoulders stating that truly we do not have control over anything.
Yet, if we are Co-creators then this label must include the ability to create.  Do we have control over anything?  If we are creators, does it not entail that we possess some sense of control?

Our ability to attract that which we desire directly aligns with our understanding of Natural Law, or The Laws of the Universe, whether consciously or subconsciously.  Any semblance of what we call control is the ability to act in accordance with these laws.

This process begins with mastery of the mind.  The mind may be used to direct our thoughts to bring to us that which we desire.

This process is akin to the discipline of exercising the body.  It is an ongoing process and needs to be addressed daily with constant diligence and focus.

It is of utmost Importance that we monitor our inner dialogue.  Thoughts become emotions, which is energy in motion.  Emotions become actions, actions become habits, habits become character and character becomes destiny.

The mind is the governing power in each life.  We must work daily to use the thinking faculty and take great care that it does not use you.

We must become masters of the mind proceeding to make it our obedient servant.  Using our mental life to create what we need for our well being is the highest use of our thoughts.

It is our duty and God given gift.

We all need and want to be nurtured, the best way to nurture ourselves is to train our minds to explicit and clear thinking.  The inner thoughts coming from the heart delineate our convictions, motives and desires.

Each of us has an observer that is separate from our mind.  To sense this observer, become silent and watch your thoughts, or if you are speaking with someone, be aware of this other part of the self taking in all that is occurring.

Use this observer to distinguish your mental state at any given moment.  The observer is especially helpful to terminate spiraling further into any present negative emotion.

The observer can also take note of our physical state.  Are our muscles tightening, breathing shallow, palms sweaty?  We can check the movement into more stress if we listen to our observer.

James Allen’s book, As a Man thinketh is a superb tool in understanding more fully the power of the mind and what it was meant to do in the evolution of the soul.