Love LessonsAt times, love can be a very complicated thing. However, sometimes even more complication is added when confusion comes into the mix. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who are confused about what the true meaning of love is. The problem with this is the fact that not knowing what love truly is can lead us to thinking we feel something that we may possibly not.

Having the false impression that we are in love hardly ever brings forth anything positive, for anyone involved. In all honesty, false impressions of love hardly ever lead to anything but regrets and heartache for both parties involved.

There are people out there who believe that true love does not even exist. Trust me, while love may not be the easiest thing to find, it exists and there is someone out there for each of us. Those who believe otherwise may possibly be looking in the wrong places.

If we fill our lives with significant others that we feel nothing more than lust for and mistake it for being love, the chances of us finding our soul mate in life become increasingly slimmer over time.

Some people think that settling for lust is better than nothing at all. While this thought process may be understandable, it is not necessarily the best way of going about things.

We were not born into this live to be doomed to a loveless and lonely life. However, the universe cannot do everything for us. We will have to put ourselves out there is we plan on meeting the person of our dreams. The universe may out you in the right place at the right time, but if your life is filled with pretend love, you may possibly miss an opportunity for true love.

It can be difficult at times to tell the difference between love and lust. This becomes especially true for those who did not grow up with a lot of love in their life. However, even those who grew up in very loving households can also have a hard time telling the difference between true love and strong lust. The reason for this is likely the fact that the feeling we get on the inside from both love and lust are very similar, at least in the beginning.

If you are worried that you may be a bit confused when it comes to the differences between love and lust, the following should clear things right up for you.

• Do you see the other person as an object or a person?

On the surface, this question seems rather silly. After all, you would think that people would automatically look at others as people too. However, those who have been around this world for a while know that this is not necessarily always the case.

Basically, if you are able to understand that your significant other has feelings too, just as all people do, you are on the right track toward actual love.

All too often people become completely wrapped up in themselves during a relationship. For some people, everything turns to me and my and other people’s feelings tend to drift further and further from their mind. The truth is, if you have to remind yourself that your better half is a person too, you are likely experiencing lust and not true love.

• What would you stop at too see your significant other smile?

The answer to this question, at least when it comes to true love, is that we should stop at nothing to make sure that our partner has a smile on their face and is happy in life.

• How much do you know about them?

Love at first sight is a bit of a tricky subject. In one hand there is the fact that you can become extremely attracted to someone after only knowing them for a minute or two. On the other hand, in order to truly love someone, you must know them. I don’t mean that you need to know a few things about them, I mean you need to know everything about them.

If you feel as if you are currently in love but don’t know much about your partner, it may be lust. However, this does not mean that this lust feeling cannot be transformed into love. Simply taking the time to get to know someone can turn lust into love.

There are many other ways to tell if you are experiencing love or lust. However, the above were examples of the most basic. Basically, if you were able to determine from the above examples that you may be possibly experiencing lust instead of love, you may want to reanalyze your relationship.

If you are caught up in lust, don’t worry as lust can turn into love. However, this is a process that should not be rushed. After all, the best things come to those who wait for them.

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