Email marketing is a commonly used method for marketing these days. The reason for this would likely be the fact that it’s simple, it can provide great results, and it comes with great convenience. When you think about it, it’s basically the perfect marketing tool.

However, while emails may be an effective tool to use for marketing, this tool must be used correctly if you want to see positive results.

Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that marketers make while using emails as a means of marketing. Needless to say, the less mistakes you makes, the higher the chances will be that you will turn your marketing campaign into a great source of income.

If you would like to avoid some of the common mistakes marketers make, and I’m sure you do, the first step is becoming aware of these mistakes. It’s much easier to avoid something when you know what to watch out for.

Check out these common mistakes email marketers make…

1. Bland Subject Lines

Your subject line is basically what gets your email opened. All too often marketers use bland subject lines. Unfortunately, many of these marketers also experience poor results.

Put some spice into your subject lines and find a way to make them stand out from the other countless emails that are likely in a person’s inbox. A cold but hard fact would be that you are likely not the only person sending someone an email. Therefore, if you want to get noticed, it needs to seem like your message is worth opening.

2. Never Send To Non-Subscribers

Some people think it’s a good idea to send out emails to everyone possible. This way of thinking is understandable. After all, the more people that see your emails, the better.

However, the problem with sending emails out to people who are not subscribers is the fact that it can get you reported for spam, build a bad name for your business, as well as possibly lead to many other issues. Make sure you send your emails to subscribers and no one else.

3. Using Hard To Read Text

Always remember, what may look fancy to you may possibly look sloppy and hard to read in someone else’s perspective.

For this reason, it wise to stick to simple fonts. Avoid using a lot of color and try as best as you can to keep it simple to read, nice on the eyes, and well formatted. Keep the font style simple and avoid changing fonts when possible.

4. Avoid Sending An Image As Your Message

Some marketers use images as their messages. The problem with this is the fact that this causes many messages to be either sent to the junk folder of the dreaded spam folder. Images are ok to have in your messages, however, they should never be the entire message.

5. Neglecting To Test

Testing is an essential part of being a successful marketer. Things are always changing and it’s important to be on top of these changes. The best way to do this is to run tests and see what methods work the best and which others can be tossed to the curb.

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