Having a career, or owning a business, and managing your personal life, leaves you really busy, both personally and professionally, especially around the holidays, however here are a few tips to assist you.

Anytime can be a good time to be one step ahead of your competitors, and exercising a little effort can set you apart. Now is a good time to capitalize on planning early, getting organized, and taking the strain out of any gift giving opportunity.

Lists will help you greatly, so follow these tips:

Create a list and check it twice: Think about Santa’s organizing challenges of delivering gifts to each child across the world in just one night without a list. You ought to make a gift list of the individuals you need to remember, and keep it with you.

Seize the day!: Now that you’ve got your list all set, grab the moment. Throughout the year, a lot of us find ourselves going to conferences/seminars, handling our work and more. Make use of your travel to a different city and give somebody a gift they will love from a city you are in anyway. If you’re running from place to place, try browsing in airports during your stop over. Airports have a lot of unique and unusual shops, and you are able to kill time while marking off some gifts from your list.

Get organized: Being organized early will give you more time to focus on work when everybody else is frenzied and losing ground. Review your current goals and outline what you are able to do to impact your success for the remainder of the year. Make certain you’ve got a list that categorizes what you are able to do to help your clients during the rushed holidays.

Take advantage of the quiet: A lot of individuals take vacations during the holidays. There are times when your business seems like there’s no one around. Good! Utilize the quiet time to get work done without the common interruptions. Get a jump on your business plan for the coming year, prioritize activities that will yield the biggest payback, and brainstorm ideas on strategy.

Remember your clients: Don’t forget to remember your clients by sending a greeting of some sort. A little effort can go a long way in building an ongoing relationship with customers by thanking them for their support and being a part of your business. Include some personal remarks about your successes together this year, and dreams for the coming year. A personal note to every client is best and is a gesture frequently neglected these days. It can go a long way to distinguish you from your too-busy-to-bother competitors.

In this really technical and harried internet world a lot of the niceties of the past are either forgotten or never taught. There ought to be a course for every up and coming business owner/entrepreneur that puts back the personal touch in business. You’d be amazed to learn how many of your clients remember the salesman or company that puts in that little bit of additional care. You never know who’s going to give you that next monster order that keeps the wolf away from the door. It could just be the customer that got your personal message and remembered it.

In business, being “nice” isn’t a choice, it’s your living!

Here are some more tools to help you in your business.