These days, the internet is used for much more than watching funny videos and conducting research. In fact, the internet has become a valuable resource that offers many different types of people a way to make money right from the comfort of their home.

There are many different approaches when it comes to online business. One in particular that I would like to go over today is email marketing.

You’ve probably heard of marketing before and I’m sure you know exactly what emails are. Believe it or not, combining these two things together is a powerful way to reach a lot of people and make a large amount of profits.

Just in case you aren’t sure what email marketing is, this brief explanation should clear things up…

Email marketing is simply a way to make direct communication with consumers using emails. Targeted audiences are very important when it comes to email marketing. After all, marketing is all about reaching the right people. You want to make sure the people on your email list are interested in your product, campaign, or services.

As you can see, the term email marketing is rather self-explanatory. The question is, how can you use it to create a steady cash flow?

To be perfectly honest, it requires a lot of time, attention, and trial and error. However, there are some fundamentals rules that an email marketer should follow in order to get themselves off to a great start.

First, it’s important that you build a list. After all, without a contact list, you won’t have anyone to send your messages to. Keep in mind the fact that building a list is a delicate process that should be done with accurate targeting. All contacts are not good contacts, especially if they have no interest in your products or services.

It’s not always easy to get people to subscribe to a list. To get around this obstacle, most marketers offer some type of discount, free download, report, or tool as a gift to those who sign up to their list.

Once you begin building your list, it is important that you keep them interested in your brand. Allowing people to become stagnant on your list can be hazardous to your efforts. Keep people engaged. It may be hard at times, but it pays off.

Another important aspect of email marketing is creating a CTA (call to action). A call to action button is simply a way to introduce a product or service in your messages that is relevant to the content. Some people prefer to use links instead. However, CTA’s tend to convert much better.

Placement, color, and convenience are all important parts of a well working CTA. In order to get the best results, you may want to run tests with several different styles.

Aside from building your list and creating CTA’s, you will also need to determine the frequency of your messages. This is where things can be a bit tricky. Mailing too much can cause your subscribers to become annoyed while not mailing enough can cause them to forget about you.

Try different frequencies and keep a close eye on your open rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribe rates. These numbers will help you determine what the best frequency for your messages is.

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