It’s important that marketers are aware of the fact that there are a lot of dos and don’ts that should be followed, at least if success is what is desired. Failure to follow these guidelines can quickly ruin a person’s marketing business, especially when it comes to not following the don’ts.

I’ve posted a few blogs on things that are important to do as a marketer. However, I feel that it is important that people are also aware of the things they should avoid doing as a marketer. For today’s post, I would like to go over the things you should never do when building your social media presence.

Check out these examples of things you should never do when marketing or building your presence on social media…

1. Refuse To Engage

There are a lot of marketers who experience bad results with their social media efforts because they fail to engage with their followers on social media. Ask yourself one question, would you be willing to make a purchase from someone who can’t even respond to you? Probably not and it’s likely that your followers on social media wont either.

2. Fail To Add A Profile Picture

People like to be able to see the person they are speaking with. While conducting business on social media doesn’t really give you an opportunity to speak face to face, it does give you the ability to upload a profile picture. Make sure you upload an image of yourself. You’ll likely be surprised by how big of a difference it makes.

3. Hiring Someone Else To Do The Work

Hiring a team isn’t always a bad thing. However, it is something that should be done with caution. The likelihood of someone else putting in the same amount of effort as you do for your business isn’t very high. For this reason, it’s important that you find qualified people, who are passionate about their work if you are going to let others handle your social media pages.

4. Ignore Complaints

One thing that is important for you to o get used to would be the fact that you will have to deal with an unsatisfied customer from time to time. Dealing with unsatisfied customers properly is absolutely essential when it comes to the success of a marketer. One huge mistake that some marketers make is ignoring complaints from customers. This is never a wise idea. In fact, it leads many marketers into failure.

5. Falling Into Negativity

Some of the complaints you receive will be reasonable while others will be unnecessary attacks against your business. Unfortunately, there are people on social media that have nothing better to do than to try and start unnecessary arguments and drama with random people. If you fall victim to this, the last thing you want to do is engage with them. Falling victim to their trap will do nothing more than take away from your professional appearance as well as give many of your customers a bad impression of your ability to make reasonable judgements.

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