Many of us hear never-ending mental chatter. We talk to ourselves all day and, regrettably, this self-talk is often negative and who can be motivated when feeling negative. It’s infected with feelings about our past or our future. These thoughts may destroy any glimmer of hope that we might otherwise have in reaching our dreams.

Our actions  and motivation are prompted by our thoughts. If we change the way we think, we may start to alter the actions we take. It’s only natural to try to better ourselves. Using positive self-talk may help us launch actions that will bring us bigger rewards.

Here are 3 tips to get started.

Tip #1

The first step is being aware. It will be difficult to start thinking positive without actually examining the thoughts that run through your brain. I have even discovered deep buried emotions from even fleeting negative thoughts. Without being aware, I’d have held onto those bad emotions. Being aware helped me to deal with those feelings.

Without doubt it won’t be easy to make a change if you’ve been used to negativity. It happened over time and will take some time to change.

Negative self-talk can sounds like, “I can’t”. When you speak those words or “it’s too hard”, you’re putting a road block in your way. Having this will prevent you from accomplishing something you could actually succeed at.

Anytime you hear yourself saying “I can’t…” stop and say with, “Why can’t I?” Remember that many successful people became that way because of the hard work they did. So if you’d like to be successful, use “I can”.

Here’s a fun way to handle it… say “Delete, Delete” every time you find yourself saying something negative, whether out loud or just in your head. The technique works if you truly have intentions of thinking more positively.

Tip #2

Bring in positive statements in the way of affirmations. Make them short, focused and really believe them. Then repeat them again and again. Your subconscious will begin to see the possibility of a new solution.

A crucial step if repeating affirmations is that you have to say your affirmations out loud with feeling. Simply saying the words won’t help unless you put a little emotion behind them. An important fact is that your subconscious takes any orders presented in total faith when repeated. So doing this daily is important.

At first you might be skeptical about the statement of your positive affirmation. All the same, if you follow this easy set of instructions your disbelief will soon turn to a fresh set of beliefs and then real faith.

Tip #3

One thing that you might notice is how simple it is for your brain to pile negative thought on negative thought. This not only make it harder to get rid them and it limits your success.

From today on, do this rather than piling up negative thoughts. Replace negative thoughts with an uplifting story that runs like a movie in your head. Start with a positive outline and keep adding to it. The longer you run this story in your head, the better. It’s also best if you may make this story about achieving your goals. If you do this, you begin to super charge your goals and dreams, and see them as if they’re something that you’ve already accomplished.

These tips will help you on your way in defeating negative self-talk and here is another tools that will help.