One of the most common issues that stands between people and their dreams is the fear that they feel over the unknown. It’s perfectly natural for people to fear change in life. However, allowing this fear to take control of life is usually not beneficial.

There is a difference between legitimate fear and unnecessary fear. Legitimate fear comes into the picture when speaking of things that can cause ourselves or others harm or may not be in the best interest for our lives.

On the other hand, unnecessary fear tends to come into the picture when speaking of trying something new. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being uncomfortable when it comes to trying something new. However, if we want to take life in a new direction, we need to learn how to push through this unnecessary fear so that we can continue moving forward.

Unfortunately, the fear people feel when taking their life in a new direction causes them to lose their motivation. After all, why would someone stay motivated to do something that absolutely terrifies them?

As hard as it may be, we need to learn how to push fear to the side, especially when it comes to improving life. This is not an easy process for most people, but it is definitely something that can be done.

If you’re not sure how to silence your fear and regain your motivation, these helpful ideas should get you off to a great start…

1. Remind Yourself Of Other Times That You Didn’t Allow Fear To Stop You

There have likely been many times in life that you were fearful of something new but didn’t allow that to stop you. For example, most children are a bit fearful when learning how to ride a bike for the first time without training wheels. However, seeing other kids and their parents doing it gave them the motivation they needed to try it anyways. They may have crashed a few times in the beginning, but soon after it became second nature.

2. Keep In Mind That All People Experience Fear

Some people may try to act like they don’t feel fear, but to be perfectly honest, they aren’t fooling anyone. It’s human nature to be frightened from time to time. Just as you may feel scared when trying something new, others have as well. Even the most successful people in the world had their share of frightening changes in life. The reason they were able to become so successful is because they pushed their fear to the side and made the decision to give something a try.

3. Remind Yourself That You Can Change Your Mind

Some people feel fear when it comes to change because they aren’t sure how something is going to turn out. If this is the case for you, remind yourself that you can always change your mind about what you’re doing down the road. Unless you are going to be locked into some type of contract, you can back out if things don’t go as planned.

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