Without motivation, there is little that can be accomplished in life. So, if you have some big goals you would like to accomplish or are in the middle of some tough times, increasing your level of motivation is a great way to ensure you come out on top.

Boosting motivation isn’t always an easy process, especially when a person’s situation feels overwhelming. There are many techniques that work pretty well for boosting motivation. Some work better than others and some are hardly effective at all.

I thought I would save you the hassle of searching for techniques that actually work.

Check out these 5 techniques that are simple to do yet highly effective…

1. Do A Power Pose

Believe it or not, something as simple as doing a power pose can dramatically increase your motivation. This is a fun technique that can be done in many different ways. Don’t be afraid of laughing at yourself while doing this exercise. A little bit of humor may actually increase the effectiveness of this exercise.

Try opening up your body and standing as straight as you can with your hands on your hips. Breathe in and out deeply while focusing on your breath. Trust me, you will surely be impressed with the results.

2. Begin A Fresh Start

Forget about the times in the past that you may have been less than successful. Holding on to these memories will do little more than diminish your motivation and leave you stuck in the position you are currently in. Learn your lessons from the past and then move on with your fresh start. Begin looking at every day as a new chance to achieve the things you would like to accomplish.

3. Chocolate Makes Everything Better

Chocolate can make a huge difference the in the amount of motivation we have. Not only is this wonderful treat nice and tasty, it is loaded with nutrients that release dopamine. The more dopamine we have present within us, the higher our motivation levels are likely to be.

Who would have ever thought that increasing our motivation could be as simple as enjoying a great treat. There are other options as well for those who don’t necessarily like chocolate. A quick search online will produce many results of different types of tasty snacks that release this powerful chemical.

4. Make A Contract

Making a contract is a great way of producing motivation. However, you may want to consider making the contract to yourself instead of another person. Add a fun spin to it and write in your contract a specific dollar amount you will donate to a charity if you do not accomplish what you desire. This will surely motivate you to get things done and a lot of people who do this end of giving the money to the charity anyways. It’s a winning situation for everyone involved!

5. Surround Yourself With The Color Green

Believe it or not, there have been studies done that suggest we react in different ways to different colors. It is also believed that the color green stimulates motivation. Therefore, motivating yourself can be as simple as incorporating a lot of the color green into your life.

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