confidence-activities-superman1-optConfidence is highly important in life. In fact, confidence likely has a lot to do with what separates the winners from the losers in life. This is especially true when it comes to financial and work related circumstances.

Take a look at any big shot in any company. I can almost guarantee you that this person has confidence that can be detected from around the block. You may be thinking, sure they got their confidence from the position that they have. While this way of thinking may be logical, in most cases it in not true. The truth is, in most situations, the confidence came first and the position of power came later.

The reason for this is the fact that employers are constantly keeping an eye out for people who will be able to carry their company to the next level. Those who have high amounts of confidence are much more likely to catch the employer’s eye, even if they do not have the skills to match their confidence. I am sure that you have experienced, or know someone who has experienced someone else getting a promotion over them who had less skills. If you have been racking your brain trying to figure out why, stop! The reason is likely their level of confidence compared to yours.

Confidence is important in other areas of life as well. Everything from speaking to others, building relationships, proving points, and expressing ourselves all requires a healthy amount of confidence.

As well, high amounts of confidence create high amounts of self-respect and self-worth. Basically, the more confidence you have, the more deserving you will feel. This in turn will provide you with an abundance of blessings and opportunities in life. The more you feel as if you deserve, the more you will be provided with. Please keep in mind that there is a difference between feeling as if you deserve and being entitled. There must be something that shows that you deserve blessings, you can’t sit around all day doing nothing and expect the universe to bless you.

If you are not sure if your confidence levels are high enough or not, consider some of the following examples of low self-confidence:

•Trouble speaking your mind
•Shyness around other people
•Doubt in yourself
•Feeling as if you do not deserve
•Difficulty visualizing yourself as a success

Signs of a strong sense of confidence would include:

•A strong voice
•Feeling as if your point of view deserves respect
•Harder to intimidate
•Ability to accept and tackle large goals and challenges
•Feeling as if you deserve
•Ability to meet and communicate easily with new people

As you can see, life would obviously be much easier for someone with confidence compared to someone who lacks in confidence. If you are suffering from low confidence I have good news for you! There is hope and you can begin to develop a stronger sense of self-confidence which will in turn lead to a life of abundance and riches.

Affirmations are very effective when it comes to boosting your confidence as well as your self-worth. The best part about affirmations is the fact that they are very simple to do, they can be done in privacy, they are completely free and they really do work.

All you have to do is create positive statements to say to yourself. Many people find this process to be much more effective if they look themselves in the mirror while making the statements. For example, look at yourself in the mirror and say a statement like, “I am a good person, I am strong and I will be successful”. Make sure that you put emotion behind your statements and that you do not simply just blurt out a dull lifeless comment as this will surely not be effective.

You can shape affirmations to make them effective in nearly all situations. For example, if you are feeling unconfident before a date, you may want to consider using an affirmation like, “I am likeable and there is a person in this world who is perfect for me”. If you are going to a job interview, you may want to consider using an affirmation such as, “I am skilled, I would make an excellent contribution to the company and I will get the job”.

It may be hard to believe that the simple act of using an affirmation can be so powerful but it is true! However, just as with anything else, you cannot expect affirmations to work immediately. It may take some time, but the payoff will be more than worth the effort.

Your confidence can be what takes you to the top or what keeps you anchored to the bottom, it just depends on if it is strong or weak. Be strong and begin unlocking the best blessings that the universe has to offer!

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