helpIs there a possibility for a person to become completely selfless? The cynic might say no, yet selfless acts and feelings are not just possible, but they give a genuine sense of abiding happiness and satisfaction. What does it mean when you say real selflessness? Well, selflessness means that a person acts without thinking about how he or she would benefit or be pleased from behaving in that way.

If you give aid to other people but you anticipate that you will be recognized or you will get favor in return, it isn’t a selfless act. True selflessness means that a person will perform the action even when it is never noticed or acknowledged by anybody else. Selflessness means that a person identifies with others and his or her services to other people aren’t used for the act of patronizing charity in assisting others. His or her action will be motivated by the sense of oneness. A selfless person will help anyone in need without ever needing any type of reward in return. The reward of selflessness is enough for them.

Benefits of Selflessness- When you choose to become selfless, you gain the following benefits.

Conquer Pride:
Within a real selfless action, a person isn’t acting to nourish his or her ego and gain the sycophancy of everyone. He or she does not act as if they are in a competition or with need to prove oneself to others. By meaning, selflessness can’t involve inflating one’s ego and it does precisely the opposite.

Expand Your Mind:
When you act out of self-centered motives, you limit and bind yourself. In each action, you calculate how you may benefit. This particular feeling hinders the spontaneous and intuitive feelings of one’s heart. When you act through unselfish motives, you will assist the development of your logic of self as well as your sense of individuality. It will enable you to obtain happiness from the achievement of other people and it also allows you to find pleasure from serving other people.

This viewpoint in life is considered to be the greatest guard against meanness, jealousy and vanity. Keep in mind that the selfishness of your mind is your exclusive individuality and the selflessness of your heart is your inclusive universality.

Real Friendship:
Learning to be selfless can allow you to experience true friendships and healthy relationships in life. Many people are unaware of what true friendships really are because people so often think of themselves. There really are few gifts in life that can compare to true friendships and healthy relationships.

Unselfishness is Beautiful and Appealing:
It’s ironical that if you work for outer recognition and praise, it proves elusive and fleeting. On the other hand, when you are truly selfless, your sympathetic actions will definitely be appreciated by people around you. True altruism is a quality that people impulsively appreciate in other people.

Selflessness VS Selfishness: It Is Not What You May Think:
There is no real distinction between selflessness and selfishness when you define these two words in the way that most individual understand them. Selfish actions are in the chase of developing oneself while the selfless actions are those that enrich other people without the material advantage to oneself. Even selfless actions are usually undertaken due to personal self-interests.

For example, if you walk around on the streets and look for good deeds to do for the simple fact that you will receive gratification, you are still thinking of yourself. While you may be helping other people, there are personal motivators and self-interests that fuel your desire to help others. Therefore, it is still not really considered a selfless act. In order for you to be truly selfless in your actions you must learn to act with no anticipation of a reward, even if it just gratification.

True selflessness, the truthful selflessness, will be acting against what you really want, your values, well being and health. These acts will leave you feeling insolvent and no better off expressively for it either. You will be less joyful and you will also feel less important. It is really what you must advocate for.

There are people who are happy when they share the blessings they get with others. These people are the ones who give with their whole heart. These people do this because they feel great when giving, because they would like to share what they have, and because giving can enrich their lives as well. Those who give because they need to, but do not really have the heart to do it are not appreciated compared to those who are doing it without doubts and hesitations.

As you can see, there are many benefits that come with learning to be selfless. However, you should be aware that this is not an easy process for many people. It will likely take a lot of time and even more practice but the reward will be more than worth every bit of your effort!

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