2We experience things on a daily basis that try and pull us from our destiny in life. It seems as if everywhere you go there is some type of stressful situation or negative vibe in the air. The more we subject ourselves to this negativity, the more distant we will become from our inner selves and a true sense of awareness.

As we become more distant from our inner selves, everything in life will become more difficult. Our dreams will be lost in a cloud of fog and we will lose sight of what our true purpose in life is.

So the question is, how can we prevent ourselves from giving in to the stress and distractions we face on a daily basis? Have you ever considered trying meditation? If not, you may seriously want to reconsider.

Meditation is a very powerful tool. It allows us to shut out all of the distractions from the world and focus on a very deep level. It also allows us to connect with our inner selves and obtain a sense of awareness that is incomparable to any other.

One of the things that deters people from trying meditation is the misconception that meditation can only be performed while you do poses in a quiet room by yourself. While that may be a way of meditating, there are different forms of meditation.

You can be in a state of meditation and still function all throughout your day. As mentioned earlier, meditation involves creating a deeper sense of awareness as well as a way to communicate with your inner self. Any way that you can achieve this can be thought of as a means of meditation. Developing the ability to do this could help you in many different ways.

When first beginning meditation it is recommended that you begin with the simpler approaches which would be the more basic poses. Trying to get too far ahead of yourself when you are fresh to meditation is a sure way for you to get the wrong impression of its effectiveness. The reason for this is the fact that the more advanced meditation techniques, such as those that allow you to meditate throughout your day, require great knowledge and understanding of using the art of meditation.

In all honesty, meditation is something that you will likely not be a master at the first time you try it. It takes patience and a lot of effort but the reward it has to offer is more than worth the work. The more you practice meditation, the more effective it will become. Eventually you will be able to work your way up to being a meditation master and you will have awareness beyond any you have ever experienced before.

If you are brand new to meditation, you probably have no idea where to begin. The following five step meditation exercise should help you get off to a good start.

•Step One
To start with, you should commit five to ten minutes of every day to meditation. As mentioned before, you will become better at meditation the more you do it, therefore you should practice as much as possible. Think of times during the day that you can be distraction free, these should be the times that you designate as meditation time.

•Step Two
Find somewhere you can be completely comfortable. It is important while meditating to feel safe, alert and most of all comfortable. You can meditate anywhere, whether it is in your garden or in your office, as long as you are comfortable.

•Step Three
Posture is very important in meditation. This is where things can be a bit tricky. You should experiment with different poses and sitting positions until you find the one that is most comfortable for you. One of the most basic meditation positions requires you to sit cross legged on the floor with your back as straight as it can be. You will also need to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and then make sure you are in the moment.

•Step Four
Mindful breathing is an extremely important skill to develop when it comes to meditating. Mindful breathing involves feeling every bit of air you take in and being aware of every movement your body makes to bring in the air as well as exhale it. Focus on the air coming in through your nostrils and filling your lungs. Also focus on the muscles expanding and contracting in your body.

•Step Five
Thoughts both good and bad will naturally arise while meditating. It is important that you do not try and get rid of these thoughts. Instead embrace them and observe them. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of these thoughts as well as a better perspective on them.

As you can see, there really isn’t anything too complicated about meditation. Go outside of the box and try something new. For all you know it may be the best decision you have ever made.

Develop meditation skills today and begin creating a more aware and connected life for tomorrow!

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