forgive_yourselfOur journey home to self awareness, our journey home to love and acceptance requires courage, strength and strong convictions and the two most important aspects of healing one’s emotional, mental and physical bodies is the power to forgive and the power of gratitude.

Forgiveness of others begins and ends at home. Self-forgiveness is the starting point. If we don’t love ourselves how can we love and forgive others authentically?We can’t.

We must first own what we want to give away and if we are harboring guilt for something we’ve done in the past then we are harboring a hard heart…a judgment against our self. Subtle maybe but judgments none the less.

How can you possibly give love to others if you are full of contempt for yourself? You cannot give away what you don’t own. If you don’t own peace you cannot give peace. If you don’t own joy or happiness within yourself how can you give it to someone else? If you don’t own forgiveness for yourself how can you give it to others?

Forgiveness works from the inside out…the energy comes through you and heals you first before moving onto heal others.

Most times we tangle forgiveness up with validation. We believe if we forgive someone that we are validating their actions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Forgiveness only means that we recognize that there is energy that is being misused and realize it has no power over us. We don’t feed the negative action any energy.

However as higher consciousness thinkers, we need to recognize the hurt behind the negative action. There is energy there begging for love and forgiveness is the love that heals it.

People act out because they are hurting. It is no different than when a child does it for attention and love. Adults do the same thing. It is love they are crying out for…not judgments nor condemnations. That heals nothing. It is love that heals.

People, including ourselves can only act at the conscious level that they are at, that they know. Consciousness determines actions. Someone buried in 3rd dimensional thinking is quick to judge and slow to forgive. They do not yet recognize the divine in themselves so they certainly don’t recognize it in others. Their victim role super cedes any other thought.

When you fail to forgive someone you have actually failed to forgive what you don’t like about yourself. Otherwise you would feel no need to judge, in fact, you would not even recognize it as an infraction. If you haven’t forgiven someone for something its because you are not forgiving yourself on the same issue and it is living within your consciousness.

The key to forgiving yourself and others is to stay present in the moment and not regress into the past. Fears surface when we think about future and regrets haunt us when we dwell in the past. The present moment is the only realm we have any control over and our personal minds and actions are the only ones we can control.

Now is where the power is. We must be awake and aware in the moment to live life at its fullest. Each moment presents us with a new opportunity to create smiles or frowns…it is strictly up to us how we handle it. We can heal wounds with love and forgiveness or create them with hate, judgments, and a hard heart.

All people, regardless of what they have done or the circumstances they are in are deserving of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the power that heals and the key to peace, health and a life full of happiness and fulfillment.

The easiest way to forgive and heal is to recognize the divine in every person, place or thing that comes to your attention no matter what appears to your outer senses. Look past the illusion presenting itself to the heart of the matter.