ho'oponopono2If you’re like many people, you’re still struggling to make a difference in your life using the Law of Attraction principles or following techniques outlined in “The Secret”. You’re still searching for that perfect process that is both easy and effective…something you can practice daily with results.

Welcome to the world of Ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian technique for solving spiritual, emotional, mental or physical problems. The use of this advanced technique of problem solving can be traced back to the original inhabitants of Hawaii some of who are fabled to have come from other galaxies.

Hoo in Hawaiian means cause and ponopono means perfection. It is the state of perfection that we came in with before the fall into the knowledge of ‘good and evil’ and it is to this state that we can return.

When a so called problem surfaces in our lives, rather than emotionally attacking the situation we need to recognize the deeper reality of why this problem surfaced in the first place and love and forgive ourselves for it. That’s the energy that heals.

This process, which has the ability to release us from past karmic ties, gives us complete freedom to develop a personal relationship with Divinity…the power within us. It is an understanding that every moment we have the ability to cleanse ourselves of error…whether in thought, word, deed or action. 

Ho’oponopono is proving to be more effective for creating lasting permanent change in the lives of those who practice it than other more popular healing techniques. In fact, Dr. Joe Vitale, the famous spiritual teacher, stated that “Ho’oponopono was beyond “The Secret.”

We can easily free our minds from past memories and restore the purity of our hearts using this ancient art to clean up repetitive issues that keep surfacing from our subconscious mind, replaying over and over.

“If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions and words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society.”
Mormah Nalamaku Simeona

Our memory banks can be our worst enemies. They harbor fear, with all it’s resident buddies…resentment, hate, anger, attachments and judgments from the past and replay them over and over. The only way to release ourselves from these tyrants is to take responsibility for them and love them.

Use Ho’oponopono during a crisis by simply asking for whatever is causing division in your thoughts to be brought to the surface to be loved, healed and released. Simply ignoring issues will not change a thing. It only buries it temporarily until the next trigger sets it off and the issue you ignored has reared its ugly head again. You must engage your conscious powers to effect healing and Ho’oponopono does this very thing.

Not only is Ho’oponopono used to heal one’s inner issues, it is also used when confronted with someone else’s seeming problem. Rather than going into judgment at these trying times, we must once again reflect into ourselves and ask to clear our own consciousness of division so that we no longer see this situation as a problem or experience division in thought in ourselves or others.

We are the problem not them. We can only change ourselves, which in turn changes the world and that is the power of Ho’oponopono.

We affect change in the world by affecting change within ourselves (taking responsibility), it’s that simple. Taking 100% responsibility for our lives removes the victim mentality and places us in a place of authentic power.

Just as the light in a room shines on everyone with the same intensity…no matter who turned it on… Ho’oponopono uses the same principle. We are all connected. We live in a holographic Universe. By affecting ourselves we affect others.

When faced with adverse conditions ask yourself “What is it in me that is causing this event to take place, this person to behave this way, this sickness to manifest?” Ho’oponopono practitioners are aware that to blame others is the surest way to make sure the problem happens again, and again and again.

It’s easy to master the basic principles of Ho’oponopono using these powerful mantras. Even a child can practice this with certainty and if taught at home and in the school systems at an early age the impact on society would be huge. Imagine…the Golden Age.

  • Dear Father: The very first thing we must do is to acknowledge our Creator, after all, only the Creator can fix the mess that we’ve created. Begin with your own personal connection to Source…whatever those feelings or words are.
  • I am sorry: The power to heal any situation lies in our willingness to take responsibility for negative conditions. Using this statement, opens the door to unity and atonement with all life.
  • Please forgive me: With absolute certainty that it has been granted, ask for forgiveness for having shut the Creator out of your life as well as forgetting the love the Creator holds for you. (that’s why you ended up in a negative state)
  • I love you: Sending these powerful words through your psyche generates an immediate feeling of contentment. Love is the greatest healing power there is and just thinking loving thoughts tunes your mind to that frequency amazingly fast.
  • I thank you: The moment you take responsibility for any issue that presents itself in your life and consciously seek a solution, you set in motion laws that guarantee a response. By saying “thank you” you are affirming that your plea has been acknowledged and needs no further action.

As with all energetic healing modalities you must not harbor expectations as to how or when the results will occur. You must allow the Universe complete freedom to act and choose whatever method is needed. Your only job is to act in accordance with Ho’oponopono mantras and have the Faith to know that it is done.