conquer-your-fearEveryone has experienced fear at one point or another in their lives. Usually, these fears are conquered and do not cause any real damages to a person’s life. However, sometimes fear can become so powerful that it consumes people and does not allow them break free from it. This fear causes a vicious cycle that can feel impossible to get out of. Luckily, there are ways in which this fear can be conquered and pushed out of our lives.

It is highly important that you are aware of the fact that fear is an important part of our lives. We should not try to avoid fear but rather learn how to use it to our advantage and learn lessons from it. There really is no way to completely rid yourself of fear because there are going to be situations and circumstances in life that make you scared, it is only natural. Even if we could completely rid ourselves of fear, it would be a terrible idea. When we get scared, there is usually a good reason. For example, we are scared of fire because it will burn us. If we were not afraid of fire, we would likely get burned much more often.

There are times in life where fear is unnecessary and causes more harm than good. Usually, this type of fear is caused by other issues such as low self-worth and low confidence levels. This type of fear can get in the way of us becoming successful and living the happy life that we all deserve. You need to understand that everyone experiences fear in their lives. The difference between those who succeed and those who do not is the level of control they allow their fear to have.

This brings one of my friends to mind. I will leave this friend unnamed for obvious privacy reason.

This friend lived a life full of many poor decision, he was constantly in trouble and at times it seemed like he would never get it together. He was tired of living the life that he was but he did not know where to start to begin making changes.

One day he saw a commercial on TV for a college and that’s when the gears in his head started turning. At one point he made the decision that he was going to go back to school. However, every time that he went to enroll into the school, his fear would take over as well as his self-doubt which lead him to cancelling his enrollment appointment. This happened over and over again and my friend’s life didn’t get any better.

This continued for some time until my friend finally worked up the courage to face his fears and attend the college. My friend was entirely amazed when he got his first grade, it was an A! This made some of his fears fade away and each good grade he got gave him more confidence and made him less fearful.

My friend finished his courses and graduated with honors. His final grade point average was a 3.98. He could not believe that he was so scared to do something that he ended up doing so well at.

While my friend is not currently working in the field he went to school for, he got his life together and got a job. Everything else in his life began to get better thanks to the confidence that his achievement gave him. He now has the courage to face his fears, no matter how strong they may be!

You too can be like my friend. You no longer have to live a life full of fear and doubt. The sky is the limit and you are capable of anything, as long as you have the courage and the will power to face your fears.

The universe provides us with challenges in life to separate the strong from the weak and the deserving from the not. Those who are able to overcome fear and face it head on will show the universe that they are strong as well as deserving and therefore they will be gifted with a blessed life.

One thing that you can do to begin building the courage to face your biggest fears is to begin overcoming some of your smaller ones. Each day set yourself a goal to overcome one of your fears. Each fear that you overcome will boost your confidence levels which will in turn give you more strength to face your bigger fears. It will not be long before you are able to use fear as a fueling force instead of a hindering inconvenience.

The only person that can begin facing your fears is you! Nobody deserves to live a life full of fear and anxiety, including you!

Begin facing your fears and begin living a joyous and blessed life!

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