10361415_10206412996656313_8390575584336692305_nIn the middle of Father’s day celebrations yesterday, word began traveling swiftly throughout social media about the passing of one of our dear friends and colleagues, Alan Bechtold. Like a father to so many, the timing was as profound as the life he led and the resounding sentiment from all who were blessed to know him is one of respect and gratitude for having had the opportunity to share time and space on earth with this incredible man.

As condolences and memories about Uncle Alan will continue to pour in over the coming days, I am struck with how this tight knit community has reacted when faced with their own mortality when a life ends in the middle of the “launch.”

Alan was far from done and many have already recounted stories of speaking with him just days ago and discussing plans and strategies for upcoming projects and continued ways that Alan and his friends in this space continued to create products and projects to impact the lives of others.

My understanding is that to the very end his was with colleagues at a meetup group and in the bigger picture, I think a lot of us would say that helping others until our last breath is exactly how we want to exit this physical plane.

So while this “life event” on the timeline of our dear friend has brought the biggest and best to their knees with tears flowing and respected leaders wearing their hearts on their sleeve, if Uncle Alan has taught us anything, it is to live life to the fullest. And this message is not lost on his community by any means.

Alan’s friends and colleagues are in the business of teaching others to “live the dream.” We live it ourselves and our passions are rooted in teaching others to do the same. So many of the sentiments that are coming out right at this very moment are resounding and collective cheers to never take today for granted because none of us are guaranteed tomorrows.

This is a unique community to observe when facing the passing of one of our own and I for one feel that the biggest lesson of all that Alan Bechtold would say to each and everyone of us is to never hold back and never give up.

No matter what bumps in the road you may face or how great the challenges are, there is nothing you can’t overcome with patience, perseverance and faith. Never before in history has there been so much opportunity available to so many just for the asking.

Alan taught us all immeasurable lessons in his life and his legacy will continue to teach us long after what we all can agree is an untimely exit to death. But we’ll all let him live on in our hearts through our messages as we continue to underscore the importance of rising each day with and attitude of gratitude in our mind, authenticity in our body and fire in our soul.

This one’s for you Alan! Love Stephanie, Marina and Morgan