Joyx“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river
moving in you, a joy.”

All thoughts…and every emotion has a unique vibration…a unique signature that belongs to it alone. Because thoughts are things, this vibration is in fact what makes it what it is.

Thoughts of love, peace, and happiness…any positive emotion, reside on the higher end of the vibratory scale. They are finer and move quicker, generating more light. Whereas stressful, angry, fearful, negative thoughts carry a slow, dense vibration…the slower the vibration the less light that is generated.

Joy and Love are the highest vibrating emotions you can feel in the moment. Joy can easily be felt with the slightest improvement/shift in mental attitude. For example, when you consciously shift/move your energy from a lower thought to a higher thought joy is the natural result…the feeling you will experience.

When you live in the moment where guided intuition and inspiration are found, there too is joy, for joy rises above circumstances.

Joy is our beacon, the light that leads us to divine purpose. When we are feeling joyful we know that we are aligned with divine will. The feeling of joy emanates through the heart…the center of emotion. If we are not feeling joyful in any given moment we can be sure we are out of alignment with our divine purpose and experiencing a negative state.

Reigning in the ego mind, allowing deep emotional wounds to heal, embracing our source of inner power and inner Truth connects us to a state of joy. Removing the obstacles that keep this flow of energy bound is the key to experiencing this exquisite feeling.

Dense emotions clog the system. They set up road blocks that lower our energetic signature and keep us from attaining the most divine expression of joy that can only be expressed when we are aligned with our own Truth.

Feeling joyful attracts more reasons to feel joy, for the Universe always rewards us with our focus. It is a magnet for resonating energy as all energy attracts to itself its likeness and kind.

Joy is eternal. Happiness is the result of external conditions, whereas joy is internal in nature. Joy is the anchor for happiness. The more joy we connect with inwardly, the more happiness manifests in our lives.

Joy is found in the moment. It is the result of our full understanding of our true self. Joy takes us to the greatest heights of happiness and contentment and is a direct result of living our lives in resonance with “the good of all”; above all else.

Joy is a state of being; it cannot be forced. Authentic joy is a product of the soul…it is a heart full of divine will and a mind purified by grace and gratitude.

Staying in a state of joy requires constant attention to the mind and the thoughts that it carries. Get in touch with your feelings; you must be able to recognize when feelings of unworthiness, lack or fear surface and shift these thoughts to higher ones.

Dump the darkness and move into the light. Whatever brings you joy…do it every day. Exercise joy in whatever manner you can and watch as your life transforms itself into one that attracts only things that bring joy.

Accept the challenge of sustaining blissful joy in your every day life. Examine daily what feelings and judgments you need to let go of in order to make more space for the essence of joy. Joy is your true nature…the true state of your being and one you will continue to seek until you are once again aligned with its essence.

Authentic, true joy can even be felt when surrounded by sorrow for joy is not contingent on outside influences or circumstances but rises above all external conditions. It is the result of our connection to wisdom, knowledge and understanding of ourselves; of our alignment with divine will and purpose.

The more joy you emanate from your being…the more light you allow yourself to feel in any circumstance the higher and finer is the corresponding vibration and the more aligned to source you are.

Joy is empowering. It is complete acceptance of the moment as it is without resistance of any kind. When you project your conscious awareness away from the moment…you have left your ability to feel joy. Joy is intimately connected to inner peace. You can’t have one without the other.