Are You willing to ask?Are you the type of person who gives themselves permission to ask for things? While you may think you are, asking for things is a trait that many people find difficult. As much as you want to ask, you always have that niggley feeling that holds you back.

Quite often you are made to feel self centered if you start to ask for specific things. This is so untrue! Why shouldn’t you ask for something in order to attain your dreams and goals?

It can take a lot of courage to open up and ask someone for something. This might be to be given an opportunity, or to ask for help in some way. You may even want to ask for something for another person! Yet your inner voice keeps holding you back. You are probably scared of the word No. Don’t worry – we all are!

If this sounds like you then remember that every no actually takes you one step close to that final yes! This is a wonderful concept to remember and to be aware of. It can often take several no’s before you get that yes!

Another thing to remember about asking is that you don’t always have to ask an actual person. Do you remember as a child asking God for something, or just talking out loud to the Universe? So why not ask in the same way now?

Once you become willing to ask there is another important step that is required. That is the one of taking action. Now that you have the courage to ask, it doesn’t mean that things will magically appear. You need to have a plan of action to make what you asked for become a reality.

A good example is that of owning your own home. You have asked out loud for this to happen to you. Your next step is to then envision yourself owning your home. Even to the point of giving your home an address and knowing what it will look like.

Now your action plan includes finding ways to save for your new home. This could be to learn how to invest the money you have in a better manner. Or it might involve taking on a part time job, or finding a better paying one. In time your actions are going to lead to you moving into your new home. The one that you had the courage to ask the Universe to allow you to have.

As you can see the saying ‘ask and you shall receive’ does work, it just requires a plan of action to go along with it. For more exercises and confidence in asking, I would highly recommend my good friend Dr. Robert Anthony’s course which you can learn more about here: – this will definitely get you on the path to having the comfort to not only ask for what you want out of life, but to seize the moments when they arrive! Have fun with it!