How-to-Deal-with-Problems.001-630x315Have you ever heard of minimizing? If not, minimizing is a thinking error that involves making things seem like they are much smaller than they really are. While this may sound like a tool that can be used to help someone get through rough times, it actually makes things worse.

Sometimes in life we need to wake up and smell the roses. Basically, if we continuously create ourselves a fairy tale land that revolves around minimizing our problems, we will never understand how bad some of our circumstances are. If we think that everything is going okay in our lives it is highly unlikely that we will feel it is necessary to make changes.

The more a person minimizes, the easier it becomes for them. This is usually when things take a turn for the worst. I have even met people who minimized certain health issues and neglected to take care of themselves, they are no longer here.

So what is it that causes people to minimize?

There really is no right answer for this question as each person has their own unique reasons for doing the things they do. However, I can tell you something that most people have in common that minimize. More often than not, people minimize because they do not want to come to terms with their current situation.

In all honesty, it is much easier to make our problems seem smaller than they really are than it is to face them head on and deal with them accordingly. The smaller an issue may seem, the easier it is for our minds to push it to the back and completely forget about it.

There is just one huge problem with this, it does not fix the problem!

We have all seen people who try and drink away their problems or use drugs to forget about them and go numb. Have you ever seen one of these people’s problems get fixed by those types of actions? Of course not!

Minimizing is pretty similar to trying to drink or use drugs to solve problems. The action itself may be different but the bottom line is the same, using something to help you brush things under the rug. Just as with drinking and using drugs, minimizing never fixes things and more often than not makes everything worse.

So how can you shift your mind toward a mindset that deals with issues rather than minimizing them?

You may want to start off by analyzing your current mental and emotional strength. The reason for this is the fact that our minds are extremely powerful and intelligent, so much so that or minds can minimize things involuntarily in order to be able to handle them. The stronger our mental and emotional well-being is, the better equipped we will be to handle problems in our lives and therefore the less we will minimize things.

You may also want to consider breaking some of your bigger problems up into several smaller goals. I do not mean to minimize them, I simply mean to set milestones along your path to changing something instead of trying to do the whole thing in one shot. This will make the process easier which will rid the need to minimize. As well, it will also offer you motivation and gratification as you reach each milestone.

Meditation can also be really useful when it comes to trying to create a less minimizing self. Meditation offers people the ability to contact and connect with their higher-self. The higher-self will always be honest and will not minimize things. Sometimes in life we need to hear it straight and our higher-self is more than glad to offer that to us.

Always keep in mind, anything is possible. There have been people who have landed on the moon when it was once thought to be impossible. You know why? Because someone decided they were going to make something happen. No matter how big the challenge was or how much doubt surrounded the idea, they never minimized the importance of their idea and never gave up!

Some problems and circumstances in our lives can send chills up our spine when we think about the daunting task of trying to change them. However, what is more fearful, making changes or minimizing your problems which will in turn minimize your life?

It may be a bit tough when you first begin changing the way you handle things. However, over time and with lots of practice, minimization will become a thinking error that is nothing more than a distant memory.

Once you are able to accept things for what they are and not try to minimize them you will surely open up doors that lead you to a blessed life. Remember, the only thing you accomplish when you minimize is an extremely minimized amount of potential in life!

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