Whether we know it or not, “signs” from the Universe are coming at us all day, every day, offering direction and guidance as we move along through all of our daily activities and experiences.

To connect to these signs, each of us was given/has within us, the wonderful power of intuition.

Sometimes we are mindful and pay attention to our intuition and sometimes we don’t – but the fact is that these signs exist and they will always lead us in the right direction if we listen to what they are telling us…if we follow their lead.

This is the power intuition plays in our lives, and there is not a moment in time when it is not speaking to us. However, for the most part, our louder, ego, fearful voice gets our attention, takes the lead and we wander down the more difficult road…not a road considered good or bad…or right or wrong…but one strewn with more obstacles to jump over/conquer before we can reach our desired destination.

Think about any experience you’ve had where you felt you followed your intuition, the times you aligned yourself with the voice within…the quiet gentle “feeling” voice.  These experiences, without fail, always worked out for the better in one way or another. In other words, if you reflect back you’ll see that when you’ve listened to this powerhouse within, your results have always proven positive in your life.

Some refer to intuition as an “inner voice” or a “guiding angel” and some prefer to call it “common sense” but the fact remains that you’ll never meet a single soul who listened to their intuition with less than positive results.

On the contrary, how many times have you said to yourself…after the fact….when things go awry, “I should have listened and paid attention to that feeling I had that was leading me the other way.”

You must learn to recognize this “voice”. That is your connection to Divine Intelligence and your path to an easier, smoother life.

Our intuition is our most powerful tool and is always pointing out the signs the Universe is using to tell us to go this way or to go that way. All day, every day, we are being pointed in the right direction, however, we have been given free will to listen to this power connection or to choose to do it our way…the way of ego.

Unlike humans, animals rely solely on intuition to survive and to co-exist peacefully with other animals. On their own and away from human interaction, an animal will use intuition to “sense” danger ahead, to differentiate between a friendly species and an unfriendly species, and to travel hundreds of miles – by land, sea, or air – to a destination of abundance when hungry.

For example, we’ve all witnessed the intuitive ability of birds – sometimes flying in flocks of a hundred or more – as they all change direction mid flight without a single bird missing the queue on a journey taking them thousands of miles to a new destination.

Each time that we practice being mindful of our thoughts and feelings, each time that we focus on living in “the moment”, and each time that we meditate/concentrate on quieting our busy minds, we are honing in on our intuitive abilities and bringing ourselves closer to Spirit.

Each time that we ask and receive from the Universe via the Law of Attraction and each time we feel guided out of a bad situation, we are confirming our connection to the magical substance of the Universe to which we are all connected.

If, after a time of practice, we find ourselves “feeling” much closer to God/Source, it’s probably because we are!

When you trust in and take steps to hone your innate intuitive abilities, you enter a new realm of being in which the universe, your higher Self, and your spirit guides lovingly point you in proper directions. The guesswork is taken out of your decisions, and your life flows smoothly.

Rather than resisting what comes into your life you learn…as you come to obey this inner voice/power to fall in line with Divine Intelligence. If you truly pay attention, you soon realize that every decision you’ve made outside of what this gentle voice/feeling was pointing you to,  led you in a direction…that is neither good nor bad…but presented more challenges than if you had taken the easier “higher” road…the intuitive road.

Begin today to become more familiar with this power source within…concentrate on your intuitive responses to the world as you move through your normal activities. Pay specific attention to sights, sounds, and feelings that enter your mind through your body. Feel yourself guided in the right direction.

Our intuition is the essence of the magic of the Universe. It proves, once again, that each of us holds the key to peace and happiness if we would just pay attention!

Trust that the Universe only has the best of intentions for your existence and you will never be lead astray. Use the power tool the Universe has given you to connect to Divine Intelligence…your intuition.