2015woty2Happy New Year from our home on wheels to you and all those you hold dear!

As we begin a grand and glorious new year, instead of resolutions today, I would like to have you join me in declaring a word that will represent 2015 for you

And if you would allow me the honor please, I am going to share mine with you and perhaps you will adopt it as your own as well…

My word for 2015 is AUTHENTICITY!

In many ways, this is more than just my word of the year, but rather representative of how I’ve always lived my life…

However, this year I predict it will gain significance for a lot of people and here’s why…

You see, the concept of authenticity goes deep and wide in it’s  significance and implementation:

– The Authentic YOU – staying to to yourself and your convictions – put simply – talk the talk and walk the walk.

– Authentic Living – pursuing your passions and what lies deep within your heart. Listening to and following your calling, even if it means making tough decisions or letting go of safe or comfortable situations and instead taking the leap to new and great adventures.

– Your Authentic Message – resolving NOT to self edit your communication with others, be it in person, in writing or via social media. Express what is in your heart, not what you THINK others want to hear.

– Authentically Owning Your Actions – embracing all that you go through as that which you are meant to experience and taking ownership that you created it and brought it into existence.

– Authentic Beliefs – staying true to whatever or whomever you believe in as your higher power and stand proud in your faith.

– Manifest Authentically – Make no apologies to yourself or anyone else when you set your sights on a goal, a dream or a prized possession… Commit to  going for it! You are entitled and it is there for the taking so stand tall and  welcome the deliberate creation you are capable of achieving.

My pledge for this year is to continue to live by these principles and to raise  the bar and take them even further!

Are you ready to join me?

Please feel free to reply or comment on this and tell me if this word resonates  with you or if there is another word that you are going to adopt as your “theme”  for 2015…

Go ahead, just leave a comment to declare it right now!

I want to hear from you and I want to support you in your efforts, so make your declarations and let’s embrace the wonders of the year ahead.

And to kick it off in style, I also want to give you some great resources to  get you started…

My friends and I have hand selected a group of free gifts for you right here:


And I will have even more for you shortly, so keep an eye out for all of my future emails so you won’t miss one single opportunity that’s meant to unfold in front of you.

Happy New Year – let’s make it the most authentic yet!