It is one of my greatest pleasures to announce that our daughter Marina won the Meet & Greet contest to meet her pop star idol – Cody Simpson!

And she’s asked me to make sure that I convey her appreciation and gratitude for everyone who rallied around her in an all out effort to make it happen!

But there’s far more to this story though than a little lady winning a contest and that’s what I’m going to reveal to you today in this blog post.

So take a few moments to fully absorb what a child taught us all about manifesting our dreams as you note and EMBRACE the sequence of events that I’m about to reveal and how they apply to your own dreams…

I know in my heart it was no mere coincidence that the very same week I released my long awaited product – Milestone Mapping Mastery – my very own daughter became one of my greatest testimonials to the power of this formula I teach. But the timing of this all was no more in MY control than the course of events are in YOUR control when setting your own intentions and manifesting your own dreams.

You see, one of the fundamental principles I teach is that when you set an intention, you should not focus on the path or steps along the way – that is the role of the universe and why I say… “Let The Universe Take The Wheel.” And this whole concert and contest rang true to that very notion…

Setting a goal and taking inspired action – but not becoming fixated on the “path” along the way…

In fact, truth be told – we were originally scheduled to be at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA during the exact time of the concert in Tucson, AZ when we found out about it. So when Marina told me that the date of the concert was April 19th, at that exact moment, we had “non-changeable” hotel reservations that well… I got changed!

The only way to make the concert was to move the dates of the Disney trip – the “fixed” and “firm” dates, that is!

But hey – NOTHING is ever set in stone, and you don’t know unless you try – so off I went to call the hotel and plead my case as to why I needed to change the un-changeable. It took talking to 2 supervisors before I got it done, but the reservations got changed – mission accomplished!

Now, it’s important to note at that time, there was no contest. This was simply a concert Cody was putting on at the Pima County Fair in Tucson, so meeting Cody was not on the radar at this moment in time and space… or was it?

One might easily ask at this point who’s radar, right? Ours, mine, Marina’s… or the Universe!

You see, throughout the entire winter, Cody has been performing on the east coast, doing his own shows and selling Meet & Greet packages for $99 at nearly every stop. Not practical when we’re parked in the motorhome on the West Coast for sure.

Then, all of a sudden, when the east coast tour was over, he announced that he’d be opening for another band this summer – which meant a mere 15 minute performance or so instead of a full concert.

Appreciative of even that small sighting, Marina was thrilled when we bought tickets to the venue in Utah in July – but not so thrilled when it was announced that because of the notoriety of the main band playing at the Utah concert,  the Meet & Greets for that concert were, yes… $350 EACH! (With no guarantee that Cody would even be included in the M & G.)

Now, I’m all for making dreams come true – but $350 x 3 (me, Marina and Morgan) was not happening! And the girls were fine with it, because they know the value of a dollar and would never consider asking mom to shell out over a grand for such a thing. Good girls they are!

But when we found out about Utah, I made this EXACT comment to Marina:

“I have a vision of seeing you standing next to Cody honey. I don’t know where or when, but have faith that it will happen and trust that the Universe will arrange events to make your dream come true! I’ve seen in it my minds eye already – so consider it a done deal.”

Naysayers and critics might call this ‘building false hope,’ and I admit, it’s a pretty strong leap of faith to be so sure of something and ingrain this belief system in your own children, but I am reasonably sure that most reading this here today understand the pure power in this approach to life.

And for those reading this that know us personally, it also begins to answer the question as to “why” and “how” so many of these magical things in life come our way seamlessly.

So fast forward to this past week and there we were at Disney. The “plan” was to enjoy our 6 days in the park leisurely riding rides and indulging in all the awesome magic and then head back to Quartzsite (200 mi), pick up Greg and head on to Tucson (another 200 mi) the day before the concert.

Then it happened…

Standing in line for Space Mountain, checking Facebook on her iPhone, Marina screamed… “They are doing a contest to meet Cody in person!”

And I have to admit my initial reaction was how on earth were we going to engage in a contest in the middle of our trip?

… Especially when the prior contests up to that point for other fair related giveaways had revolved around doing draw pictures, creating projects and being the first to respond to trivia questions with the right answers. None of which were conducive to being in the middle of an amusement park – with one possible exception…

The fair organizer went on to say that this contest involved creating a video telling the world why you are the biggest Cody fan and the best video and one with the most Facebook “likes” would get to see their idol.

So without missing a beat, Marina saw this challenge as being a perfect fit for laying the stage to plead her case as to why SHE was the biggest Cody fan. She was already at the “happiest place on earth,” so why not engage the happiest guests on earth and the Disney Cast Members at her disposal to make her dream come true!

And so for the rest of the night, she walked up to total strangers and asked them to allow us to video them shouting “Vote for Marina to Meet Cody Simpson!” (You can still view the video here if you haven’t seen it yet)

Now I have to also add here that this gregarious behavior is not part of Marina’s normal repertoire – if you know our daughters, you know full well that it’s Morgan who loves the limelight and not Marina – who prefers to be the methodical engineer in the background. But for one night, she put that aside and reached outside of her comfort zone, because, yes – it WAS that important to her!

Including the taping of her own admonishment in front the the Disney castle where she actually shouted, “I’m at the Happiest Place on Earth and Meeting Cody Simpson would make me the Happiest Girl on Earth.” Truly, that was a difficult level of expression for her, and I watched her dig deep down and muster the nerve to make it so.

So the video was born, submitted and the wait began…

Getting FB likes became the next milestone and it seemed to be going according to plan as she was 300 likes ahead of her nearest competition thanks to the rallying support of all our friends and online family – then it happened…

The snipping began amongst the other teenagers in the contest who started leaving nasty comments on her wall and in private messages, and “likes” were suddenly being purchased instead of earned, and it started to look like her dream was slipping away…

And I got to sit by and watch how this turn of events was to be handled by a child, far older than her years as it is often revealed.

Near tears, sitting near the lagoon half an hour from the Fantasmic performance, Marina turned to me as my heart was aching for her and said:

“Mommy, I am NOT going to cheat just to win and I won’t be like those other girls and even reply to the mean things they are saying. I don’t know how, but I still think I am going to win and I’m just going to focus on all the nice comments that my true friends are leaving. Let’s just enjoy our last show here and trust that it will happen.”

And with that proclamation, the fine folks at Disney shot off the opening fireworks for the Fantasmic show, and my mini manifestor turned to watch the show – proclaiming afterward, that just like Mickey in the show, the underdog prevailed because “good” always wins over “bad.”

Whoa – the teacher being taught by the student, indeed!

And the rest as they say is history… we wrapped up our trip that night, said our goodbyes to the Mouse and returned to the hotel to pack up and leave in the morning. And it was not until during our 4 hour drive home that the contest winners would be announced, so there was still a long trip ahead…

From the moment we pulled out of the parking lot, and for the next 3 hours, Marina was running neck in neck with the likes on her video to the girl who was buying hers, but that didn’t stop Marina from reaching out to person after person on her friends list asking them to rally support in the final hours – and support she got indeed!

As the minutes ticked down to the noon deadline, she was 20 likes behind (we’re talking 700 some likes, mind you!), but then 12:00pm struck and she was still 2nd in “likes.”

Battling semi’s on the freeway in one side of my brain and being attentive to my daughter – who for all intents and purposes saw her dream slipping away – I have to admit that “trusting the Universe,” was becoming a little more challenging as each mile passed before us.

But there were 2 winners to be announced – Most Likes AND Best Video – and Marina held firm that she would see her name on the Facebook post when the 1pm contest winners were announced.

I just kept driving and yes, praying…

She on the other hand proceeded to scroll through and read out loud the over 200 comments that people had left her under the video and focus on the joy and gratitude she felt for the energy and expressions of love that the comments meant to her. At one point even saying, “no matter what happens, THESE COMMENTS make me the true winner!”

And winner she was indeed…

As the final bell tolled – the post was made and Marina was the winner of the Best Video and she’d be meeting Cody in a little over 24 hours!

Dreams do come true – it can happen to you!

Now, my original intention here was to draw out from the above a “conclusion” listing all of the finer points of this example of manifesting at its finest. But instead, I am sending out a challenge to all readers of this post to tell me what poignant message this case study meant to YOU!

So please leave a comment and I will interject my own philosophies in the comments as well, as we explore together the same fundamental teachings in my own Milestone Mapping Mastery as I show the world the formula for manifesting the life of your dreams.

I want to hear each of you extract the underpinnings of what we’ve all learned here (mom included) because in my mind that is truly the way you will learn and gain the greatest take aways from all of what we’ve just witnessed first hand.

It’s your turn now – what did you learn by watching a child manifest her own dreams and how will it help you in going forward and reaching yours?

Please join in the magic and leave your answer below: