“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players…”
William Shakespear

DRAMADrama. How often have you applied this word to circumstances in your life or in world happenings on a daily basis without fully understanding the full meaning of this powerful word?

Often people will title others reactions to their personal situations as a “drama”…”what a drama she is creating out of this” etc. Or how about this phrase that is often tossed around with laughter these days when observing others…”she’s a drama queen.”

Unfortunately most people only “see” the dramas outside of their own lives. Little do they realize that they too are drafting all their own dramas/plays in their minds in response to their own circumstances.

Drama is the play we weave believing we must solve everything that happens in our lives. It is no secret that life is often depicted as a “play” and we as the actors and actresses of this play. And, that is exactly what it is. Our lives are “plays” that are happening on a moment to moment basis and we are the action players writing the script for every scene.

The question for you is this: What type of dramas are you creating in the “play” of your life? Every moment of every day circumstances arise in our lives that our minds immediately go to work on. Our minds create the dramas…drawing from our sub-conscious realm reactions to similar or identical situations that have occurred in our past. In an instant we are…in our minds…creating the scenes and chapters of past dramas around these new circumstances or situations.

When a situation occurs that requires our attention our minds get busy creating from our past (that is all it knows)…our future. But if the past (in a similar situation) has been an unpleasant experience…then guess what folks? You are re-creating from the files in your sub-conscious the same result. If it was unpleasant then…it will most likely still be unpleasant in this new situation you have in front of you…possibly more so. It’s as though you are in a time warp…stuck in one scene that just won’t let you move forward to the new scene. It plays over and over.

That’s the major problem when we work from our minds alone. We have nothing to draw from but old worn out experiences. So, now we have a new situation (which is most likely just a repeat of a repeat)…being solved with old, unhealthy, unwise, nonworking solutions…all being applied again! These situations did not work the first time…or all those previous times, yet we try and use the same information to solve our new issues, over and over and over again. We continue to toil.

And, we then wonder why the results are the same…or very similar. If you want different results you must release these patterns…emotional or otherwise that are entrapping you as they surface causing repetitive results.

The mind is a machine of sorts and will do whatever you ask of it. But if we are not aware of this…our inner connections and the power we own, we are buffeted by outside circumstances combined with the limited resources of our worn out, unsuccessful ingrained patterns…stored and neatly filed in our sub-conscious. We are trapped in a loop of unhappy repeating plays.

Our minds are busy creating and laying out the plans…every scene in every detail. If you have an obligation or owe some money in a given situation…your mind will immediately start drawing on it’s reserves and plan out every detail…problem is…the details did not work last time so they won’t work this time either.

That’s why people live the same drama over and over in their lives and can’t figure out how to get out of the “scene” that seems to have captured and held them slave. It’s exhausting as we continue to experience similar situations and worse…continue to allow our minds to figure out the solutions.

They are truly dramas. But the awesome gift we have is the ability to control what we think…and more importantly we have the power to turn off these thoughts.

Your thoughts/mind is not the friend you thought it was. It is a tyrant and ruler of every circumstance in your life until you step to the plate, recognize it for what it is and take control of your own reigns…allowing inspired hearts to create your play and the scenes in it.

Easy to do once you “see” your mind for what it’s real purpose is as an instrument to serve you. It is part of the equation but it is lacking in heart. You must invite the heart into your situation…you must open yourself to receiving direction from a higher, wiser, all seeing Source.  It’s called inspiration and most of us are very closed off to it…although we would never admit it and for the most part are not even aware that we are closed off.

We are totally reliant on our  minds and the mind simply does not have all the required information to create the result you desire. It can only create from past experiences…things it has already stored and filed within the sub-conscious, it’s partner in crime…very, very limited indeed.

The heart on the other hand invites in all of Eternity/possibilities to the equation. When you rid your mind of preconceived ideas about a given circumstance and it’s solution and become a blank slate….ALLOWING the Universe to inspire you with the correct action steps the resulting play/scene is totally different.

Your desires are waiting for you…the solutions to all your problems are waiting for you. But you must invite them in by eliminating your personal perspective/thoughts. You cannot put “new wine” into a container with “old wine”…you will tarnish and ruin the good wine.

The same holds true of your mind and thoughts. You cannot invite and allow new inspired thoughts from the Universe of ALL POSSIBILITY until you have a clean mind…a clean slate without preconceived ideas of how your situation should be resolved.

It’s all about awareness of who you are and how your mind works… and tapping into the incredible powers that are latent within you just waiting your attention, just waiting for you to invite them into your sparkling clean container once you release yourself from the tyranny of your mind’s repetitive “dramas”.

Next time (it will be today…no doubt) a situation arises…observe as your mind immediately goes to work laying out plans for you, creating the drama and scenes for your situation that will unfold if you attach yourself to it in consciousness and emotion.

The question is will you attach yourself to this drama that is being created or will you assume the position of the “watcher”…observing your mind as it conjures up seeming solutions? YOU are not your thoughts…if you were you could not observe them. They are separate from your real identity and need your energy and acceptance to create. If you can begin to recognize and accept that you are an observer and not your THOUGHTS you can change anything.

You will immediately see the drama unfolding for what it is and let it go…allowing it to vanish into thin air, which is exactly what will happen if you do not feed it your energy attaching yourself to it. Stare it blank in the face and confidently tell it. ” I do not live in nor accept that drama anymore!!”

Without your energy feeding it,  it has no life!! Your energy gives it life…remove the energy and the drama disappears.

With your cleaned and sparkling slate inviting the Universe in with its all-seeing perspective and all-knowing mind, inspiration becomes your conscious action steps...each one appearing before you as needed until the solution or desire is achieved. flowers in the sunb

This is the higher way…the easy way…the way of trust and faith in the Universe/Source…the only one who truly knows the answers to ALL things because it SEES the Big Picture. This is the way of non-resistance and becoming ONE with ALL that is, allowing inspiration to flow freely and life to unfold naturally as a beautiful flower unfolds; without resistance, in complete confidence of its creator’s plan.